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The methods we use to get information have changed tremendously over the two decades since MurthyDotCom ( first went online. Now we check our phones before our feet hit the floor in the morning, but it isn’t phone calls we’re looking for. We want to see the eMails that came in during the night. We are checking our Facebook newsfeeds, looking at Twitter activity, and catching up on the news that happened while we slept.

The world is moving fast, and it takes effort to keep up. At the Murthy Law Firm, we provide U.S. immigration news and information the way you want it, and that includes social media. If you have clicked “like” on our Facebook page (not just liked an entry, but liked the page itself), and configured your settings to allow it, you are informed whenever news, a blog, FAQ, or other notification is posted. With every new post on MurthyDotCom, we alert you on Facebook and Twitter (@murthylawfirm), so you know what is happening and can decide if it is relevant to you before you follow the link to the full story.

Twenty years ago, it was enough for a business to put up a shingle – a single page with the name of the company and basic contact information. Consumers of the new millennia expect functionality and interaction to suit their preferences. That’s why we also have the MurthyChat, where a senior attorney from our firm answers questions in real time to folks who log in on Monday evenings. We also have the MurthyForum, an online community where foreign nationals and others interested in immigration support one another. Murthy lawyers also log in on a regular basis, to answer questions for forum members. Users seek content that is relevant to them, and the Murthy Law Firm strives to respond to that need.

However things change, one thing you can always rely on is that the Murthy Law Firm will get you the latest on U.S. immigration law. MurthyDotCom, MurthyBulletin, MurthyChat, and the MurthyForum: whatever your preferred method for keeping up, your ultimate U.S. immigration resources on the internet all start with MURTHY!


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