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From academia to zoology; from Albania to Zimbabwe; the Murthy Law Firm represents the best and the brightest, creating jobs and offering expertise in America.


The Murthy legal team provides employers and employees with the latest and most appropriate immigration strategies. We represent businesses, as well as individuals and families undergoing the U.S. immigration process, wherever in the United States or around the world you are. We take pride in the quality of our work and our attention to detail.

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Clients Are Saying...

"I cannot find words at this moment to thank Murthy's professional staff and service. [The] meticulous planning and coordination of you and your team got me the green card."

Ruchir Shukla
Maple Shade, NJ

"I am really pleased with services provided by the Murthy Law Firm. I was in [a] situation [with] very little hope of approval for my labor certification, but the attorney in my case really gave appropriate legal advice and my case got approved! They are really up-to-date, informing clients on their respective cases."

Satwinder Bajwa
San Jose, CA

"I'm so happy with the service the Murthy Law Firm has offered me. The attorney and paralegal are extremely knowledgeable and very easily accessible. My paralegal is totally a miracle woman who was always kind and helpful. My attorney was easy to access and totally a wonderful person who always gave the right advice and handled my case confidently. All my doubts and queries at any point were promptly answered and attended to. They know exactly what they are doing and I'm so happy I came to Murthy with my case."

Najeeba Fathima
Wilmette, IL

"My experience was unique in that it always seemed a very personal relationship, rather than the mundane client / attorney one, and yet it delivered. Hats off to the Murthy Law Firm!"

Sheela Pant
Jersey City, NJ

"Initially I applied for L-1 to H1B through the Murthy Law Firm. They did a great job. I proceeded with my H1B Extension with this firm. Once again they did a tremendous job. Since they know up-to-date immigration matters, we don't have to worry. This firm is very supportive in all aspects. I strongly recommend them."

Syama Kumar Gundre
Irving, TX

"I was completely satisfied by prompt and quality legal service provided by Murthy Law Firm attorneys."

Raj Kahlon
Upton, MA

"The Murthy Law Firm is the number one law firm in the U.S. They provide the best customer service, prompt communication, and very good employer-employee and attorney coordination. It's worth the money that is being spent for the professional service that is being offered. Very prompt reply to all queries. Immigration is one area where risks should be minimal and the Murthy Law Firm helps in avoiding these risks."

Pradeep Gurumurthy
King of Prussia, PA

"Due to Sheela Murthy's law firm and their wonderful services, our family [has been] reunited after 10 years. We were away from our 3 boys in India, ... unbelievable mental torture... [W]e tried with different lawyers ... lost hope[, but] thank god we met Sheela Murthy and she helped ... our family reunite after 10 years, (it is like Aranyavas). God bless Sheela Murthy, with prosperity, health, wealth, happiness. How many families she is helping like us, she is truly blessed person and soul."

Surya Vidiyala
Fairfax, VA

"Murthy Law firm has been very helpful in addressing issues, questions, case status in a timely manner. The information provided by the attorneys and other staff was very reliable and useful in my case. The weekly newsletter also provides details on what's going on in the immigration area and what considerations should each of us take care. Overall, my experience with Murthy Law Firm has been positive and I would strongly recommend it to anyone."

Rajalakshmi Muthukumarasamy
Colorado Springs, CO

"Today I received my permanent resident card from USCIS. Thank you ... for all your efforts in getting my green card application approved. You guys have done tremendous job in handling my case. I must say that you have thorough knowledge in immigration matters and client service is excellent."

Aashish Chopra
Doral, FL

"Murthy did a good job in handling the RFE for my I-140 case. We were able to proceed to the I-485 stage."

Paulo Medrano
Houston, TX

"Excellent job!!! Thank you so much for your service throughout my green card process. You are very well organized and knowledgeable about the entire immigration process."

Siva Kuruba
Iselin, NJ

"I think that Sheela Murthy is the best immigration lawyer in the United States, certainly one of the most knowledgeable in the area of U.S. immigration law. As a prospective client and then a client, I have found the Office staff to be very professional, efficient, courteous and prompt. They are always helpful in providing necessary information and answering any questions/concerns. Another attorney informed me that I did not qualify for either Extraordinary Ability or National Interest Waiver, but you managed to do the impossible and obtained approvals in both categories. I would recommend the services of this office anytime! A person should be lucky to have you as their lawyer."

Dr. Rai Bahadur Rai
Norristown, PA

"It's an absolute delight to work with Attorney Sheela Murthy and the team on all our immigration matters, right from H-1's through the GC process. Every member of the MLF team is highly talented, energetic, and courteous in addressing our immigration needs. The service received from MLF was very professional and prompt. I highly recommend Murthy Law Firm and proudly say that they are 'Second to None' in immigration matters."

Hari Maddali
Parsippany, NJ

"The paralegal and attorney were very thorough with my case. They did everything in a timely manner, catering to my case, which was the reason I got my GC. I appreciate what they have done. Thank You!"

Rajiv Kumar
Middletown, NJ

[The] Murthy Law Firm's service was excellent. The legal team is very knowledgeable, and most importantly honest. They will give you a clear idea during your initial consultation, as [to whether or not] your objectives are achievable. They make sure all your questions are answered to your satisfaction, in a timely manner. Every person looking for immigration services, knows how important they are. The money spent with Murthy is money well spent. They returned my initial consultation fees as soon as my final invoice was paid. I am very satisfied with their service.

Sohrab Daver
Sheffield, IA

"The Murthy Law Firm and Ms. Murthy's team of experts are a very wonderful, professionally competent, and humane lot. It was and will always be a pleasure to have worked with the firm... [The attorney was very] capable, meticulous, and full of dexterity and enthusiasm for her client. ... On the whole, I am very delighted for the service and will be more than willing to refer other immigrants... God bless all at the Murthy Law Firm."

Peter Odeh
Baltimore, MD

"Excellent client service. Attorneys at the Murthy Law Firm are pro-active and compassionate."

Suresh Narayanamoorthy
La Habra, CA

"Worth the time and fees we pay to MLF. Above all - peace of mind - no matter what the difficulty or issues, if it's legally possible, rest assured, it'll be resolved successfully for the best interest of the MLF client/s.
What a great help! Worth remembering MLF as We know immigration matters! Core knowledge, sincerity, honesty, and professionalism are always a highlight in everything MLF does for its clients."

Chidananda Murthy
Fremont, CA

"Murthy Law Firm has been very helpful and played a proactive role in ensuring that my GC application was processed promptly. The whole process was handled in an extremely professional manner from prompt communication with clients regarding change in processing rules, change in application status, and sending USCIS communication specific to my case, etc. They also worked hard for fairness and justice during the July 2007 fiasco, making sure our voices reached USCIS authorities... . I highly recommend using the Murthy Law Firm for all immigration matters."

Aravind Murarishetty
Bellevue, WA


"I am happy and satisfied with how my case was handle and I would recommend Murthy Law Firm to others. They were proactive and initial documentation was done way before the actual date."


"You people provide awesome services to your clients. Thank you."

Madhukar Neerukonda
Atlanta, GA

"I had full faith in the Murthy Law Firm for my H1B, as well as [my] green card / PERM filing. I have been following the online information and [using the] services provided by the MurthyForum & MurthyBulletin for the past 3 years. The service has helped me to avoid any confusions and unnecessary worry due to rumors that spread quickly regarding the GC process."

Siddharth Powar
San Antonio, TX

"Murthy Law Firm takes their clients very sincerely and ensures that they get the best value for their money. Murthy helped a great deal in getting the green card for my wife and myself. I would recommend them any day to everyone. The best law firm in the nation!"

Shubham Sachdev
Houston, TX

"My Visa case was very sensitive but, through their excellent expertise, Murthy Law Firm did successfully resolve the problem. I was able to get another three years of working visa. Thank you very much Murthy law Firm...!"

Rosa Naluz
Baltimore, MD

"The attorney's strategical approach together with the paralegal's tactical methods resulted in a complete and timely submission, and a USCIS approval in a complex immigration petition."

Chandrasekar Venkataraman
Parsippany, New Jersey

"It was great privilege to have the Murthy Law Firm representing my case. The attorneys and supportive staff, including paralegals, are very knowledgeable and helpful. They provided detailed and case-specific, customized guidance on preparing my case. I really appreciate each and every thing the Murthy Law Firm is doing to help people in immigration matters. All support staff I had experience with is wonderful and friendly. I thank Ms. Murthy and all of them from bottom of my heart."

Krunal Vasani
Jersey City, NJ

"Working with Murthy proved to be the best decision in my green card process. They have delivered excellent results. Their attorney and paralegal teams are very professional and knowledgeable. The documentation was done promptly and with pinpoint accuracy. My attorney was very patient to answer all our questions in a timely manner, and our paralegal was quick to respond and very helpful. Overall I would strongly recommend Murthy Law Frm for any immigration needs."

Randolph, NJ

"Really excellent service. Received H1B and H-4, I-140, H1B and H-4 renwal, and H-4 EAD. We are very satisfied with the Murthy Law Firm's service. We would definitely recommend MLF to all who need immigration services."

Roy Abraham
Manteca, CA

"My I-140 got rejected twice by USCIS, under EB2, but the Murthy Law Firm represented my case in such a way that, with the same education and same experience, the I-140 got approved without any issue and my GC process went very, very smoothly. Finally I got my GC without any issue. Strongly, I would like to refer the Murthy Law Firm for any immigration matter. I give them 12 out of 10 (more than 100%). I wish the Murthy Law Firm good luck."

Pradeep Kumar
Frisco, TX

"The immigration issues are resolved very diligently and professionally. The timelines and communication were effective and fruitful."

Swathi Tumbooru
Columbus, OH

"The services were great! My case/s were handled in timely manner and received all positive outcomes. Staff were very professional and were available whenever I had a question!"

Chandra Pannuri
Atlanta, Georgia

"Immigration is the one [area in which] you don't want to take any chance. You always want to have some trust in the law firm ... representing you. Then Murthy Law Firm the place. I have been using the Murthy Law Firm to represent all my immigration matters and they have been exceptional in what they do. I feel confident that my case will be handled by professional people who provide individual attention to each case. I am happy I made a right choice."

Pradeep Gurumurthy
King of Prussia, PA

"I will choose the Murthy Law Firm for all my future legal services, when required. I will definitely recommend them to others. I  am 100% satisfied with Murthy's services."

Jayesh Raval
New Jersey

"Engaging the services of Murthy Law Firm online was very easy. The [online case management (OCM) system] was very self-explanatory, easy to navigate and manage. The queries / questions posted by me on OCM received prompt response."

Akshay Deshpande
Katy, TX

"Going through the rigorous process of legal status in the United Stated is quite nerve wrecking, but when you have an attorney from the Murthy Law Firm assisting you in your case, it seems a lot less daunting. I had my first conversation with attorney Sheila Murthy herself and I asked her this question: "Do you think I have a 1 percent chance that my visa will come through in time?" Her answer to me was, "... I can tell you this much: I will never take a case if I don't think there is at least a 1 percent chance of approval, because I don't like to lose a case." Her confidence in herself and the ability of her staff impressed me and I knew immediately that she and her staff would see me through the process. The staff and associates are learned, conscientious, professional, and compassionate. Thank you so much for your guidance, your hard work, and dedication...!"

Nameeta Sahni
Winchester, VA

"[The] Murthy Law firm is definitely a to-go organization with confidence, if you have any immigration-related concerns or questions. Their service was very professional, amiable and genial with total understanding of the client's situation. I have spoken to a lot of lawyers and law firms, and believe me when I say that it is rare to have a law firm being very responsive to their client and keeping them updated and in the loop with the process. Murthy Law Firm, however, is very communicative and, overall, I would call their service truly exceptional. I would totally recommend their services to my family, friends, and associates without hesitation. In short, the Murthy Law Firm rocks!"

Divi Alagappan
Orange, NJ

"The services rendered were top notch and OCM was of great help. We are very happy that we went with your firm."

John Packianathan
Princeton, NJ

"I am very thankful to the Murthy Law Firm for helping me through the entire process of my green card. Immigration is critical to everyone who is migrating to this country and the Murthy Law Firm did a remarkable job with their strong knowledge and prompt, timely response. Their contribution will always be remembered by me. Thank you."

Prasanna Kumar Halappa
Morris County, NJ

I came to know of the Murthy Law Firm doing some online research in 2007. ... I was on H1B and wanted to switch my job when my I-140 was approved and I-485 was pending for 180 days. I took scheduled a consultation with Sheela Murthy, and met with her at her office in Owings Mills, MD. She was very nice and reviewed my documentations and gave me the confidence to port my job to a new employer.

I [hired the Murthy Law Firm for my] case, and was very well taken care of. I never had to think about what was going on with my case. The attorney and paralegal assigned to me were both highly skilled in their field, and very proficient. My paralegal communicated with me throughout the process, and is simply the best. My GC approval would probably not have been this smooth, had I not gone to the Murthy Law Firm. They have a team who understands immigration matters.

Sukanta Roy
Downingtown, PA

"I am highly satisfied with the services provided by Murthy Law Firm. They know immigration very well and had the right approach from the start. I am happy I hired them and now have a positive outcome in my case."

Bala Swami
Schaumburg, IL

"Working with Murthy proved to be the best decision in my green card process. They have delivered excellent results, especially given that my H1B last year was about to expire. There was really no room for errors. Their attorney / paralegal teams are very professional and knowledgeable."

Edison Figueroa
Golden Valley, MN

I'm completely satisfied with the service. Thank you very much providing the best service.

Naveen  Kadiyala
Mount Prospect, IL

"I am very thankful to the Murthy Law Firm for helping me to get my approved H1B with RFE. I believe the attorneys and paralegals at the Murthy Law Firm are the best people for immigration tasks. I am still a client processing my Schedule A I-140 and my son's I-94 extension of validity. I am very happy as a client. Thank you. I would definitely refer the Murthy Law Firm to everybody in need of U.S. immigration guidance."

Biji Abraham
Manteca, CA

"I would like to thank Murthy Law Firm, [which] processed my case in time and prepared all the necessary documents proactively to avoid problems and delays. I strongly agree that "Murthy knows immigration matters well" - [better] than anybody else I know."

Vijay Karmegam
Indianapolis, IN

"My mom was out of the country for 10 months due to my dad's illness. Every other law firm said she would not be eligible for citizenship, except [the Murthy Law Firm (MLF) attorney], who said ... she will be eligible. She got her citizenship without any problem. The whole team was extremely helpful. We had a pleasant experience and now are using MLF to help with my daughter's green card. We trust them 100% and we like their positive attitude."

Saroja Subramanian
Mason City, Iowa

"I am happy with services offered by Murthy Law Firm. I did my visitor visa extension and GC process through this firm, and it was a pleasant experience. The staff was courteous and knowledgeable."

Sridhar Mylavarapu
Woodinville, Washington

"I transferred my case to Murthy from another law firm, since my case was a little bit complicated. I must say that the attorneys handling my case were on top of their game and ensured my process went through. Overall, I am very satisfied with the service."

Ahmad Lutfeali
Atlanta, GA

"I have always praised the Murthy Law Firm. I would again say that Sheela Murthy's team is the best. The firm has been extremely kind and generous to me and Ms. Sheela Murthy has proven that great people can be most humane and humble. The firm has treated me very compassionately always, and I credit my stay in the U.S. to them. Had it not been for them, I certainly would have been lost. I never had any complaint about anything with them. Everyone was professional and efficient. You need not worry if the Murthy Law Firm has taken your case!"

Vandana Nayyar Sethi
Jersey City, NJ

"When murthy.com said they will take up my case, I am much relieved. With the help of murthy.com service I got a second chance to be in USA."

Devakumar Sai Chinthala
Gaithersburg, MD

"I would like to thank you for your work on my case. I especially appreciated your attention to detail and prompt responses from [the attorney and paralegal working on my case]. It was also very refreshing to be treated like an intelligent person, with all communications being clear, to the point and without a condescending attitude. That was a wonderful difference from what I have encountered at some other immigration law firms. I would not hesitate to recommend your services to any of my friends."

Vladimir Shapovalov
San Francisco, CA


"I could have simply summed up [by] saying that MLF (Murthy Law Firm) is a fantastic law firm. They are indeed very professional and human in their approach (customer friendly). It was a pleasant experience all along. I give 10/10. ...[T]he petition on my behalf for EB1 ... was approved by USCIS. [The attorneys] explained my doubts / questions in [a] very simple manner and gave the best advice after weighing all the pros and cons".

Dr. Nirmal Koshti
Camden, NJ

Murthy Law firm has been handling my permanent residency and I have had nothing but amazing experiences. MLF is like a championship winning football team, where everyone plays their part extremely efficiently. I highly recommend them.

Rohit Joshi
Sacramento, CA

"My decision to choose Murthy over my employer's attorney was a very good decision. My overall experience with this firm - from filing PERM Labor to Interfiling of I-485 - has been very smooth. My attorney and paralegal team has always been very responsive on time. They take up any case with so much perfection that anyone will have end results very positive. I will surely go with them for any future immigration related work. Thank you for support in getting my green card."

Mumtaz Begum
Charlotte, NC

"After receiving questionable advice from other, less experienced immigration attorneys, we called the Murthy Law Firm for advice on my wife's green card. After our initial consultation, we were immediately confident in this team. They guided us through the whole process, and thanks to [them], my wife was recently approved as a conditional permanent resident.  Thank you!!"

Vish S.
San Francisco, CA

"This is the third time I consulted with Murthy on immigration matters. As expected, the results were the same every time. I strongly believe Murthy is the subject matter expert when it comes to immigration in the USA."

Nitin Shelar
Minneapolis, MN

"I will never be able to thank you enough for you legal assistance. And you can quote me for this: "words are so limited in any modern language that they can hardly express my gratefulness for your team work. However, words are the only means I have to communicate how outstanding, professional, and efficient was your legal assistance in my case. You placed yourself in my shoes, felt my need, and also demonstrated the remarkable, top quality individual that you are with your clients. Your concern shows how much you care for them at the personal level."

Marced Antonio Menoz
Towson, MD

Excellent Service...! I am happy that I chose MLF to process my green card. [My paralegal] always kept me in loop. ... I would definitely recommend MLF for your green card processing.

Ramagopal Reddy
Troy, MI

"My I-140 with a different attorney ended in an RFE and the I-485 was rejected. By God's grace, I contacted Attorney Murthy, esq., and got everything going smoothly..."

Edwin Jeyaseelan
Warminster, PA

"I scheduled my consultation with the Murthy Law Firm during the worst days of life. I was in middle of an immigration crisis, frustrated by misguidance from other attorneys and on the edge of giving it up. During my initial consult with the Murthy attorney, I was made aware of the harsh reality of my situation, was given a realistic expectation and, above everything else, was given compassionate support. I had guidance without unwanted extra expenditures, helping me to acquire my green card. I will always be grateful to the Murthy Law Firm."

Munish Sharma, MD
Baltimore, MD

"I have used your services since 2004. I was truly, deeply impressed by the attorney's comprehensive, extremely insightful, and even compassionate response. Not only was your firm successful with this case, but the approval was granted many, many months ahead of the expected date. I will recommend your firm at any opportunity."

Alfred Boeckli, President
Irvington, NY

"No words to explain. MURTHY law firm is awesome for immigration services."

Kannababu Karri
Alpharetta, GA

"[The Murthy Law Firm] and Murthy.com [are] the best possible shot you can have at your H1B application. Loved it! ZERO technical errors in your application, always available paralegal / attorney to answer any queries."

Shankar Bellam
Houston, Texas

"I am very happy with the way each of my questions was answered - it shows the firm's professionalism. I am very grateful for the timely help of my attorney and paralegal. Please keep up the good work you all do - it gives people like us some hope after all the stressful situations in life. ... The advise and the way my case was handled by the Murthy Law Firm was excellent. You saved my son and me time.  I would be more than happy to work with the Murthy Law Firm, if I ever have a future need. They are the best."

Sheela Kosuru
Fishers, Indiana

"I always wanted my GC process to be handled by best attorneys in the U.S. That came true with Murthy. Very professional and solid documentation and knowledge about the complete GC process. I loved having them as my attorneys. Great job."

Houston, TX

"Murthy Law Firm, led by Ms. Sheela Murthy, is one of the leading immigration law firms, which is known not only for excellent representation in immigration matters, but also to find unique, innovative solutions to one's immigration challenges."

Santosh Shanbhag
Providence, RI

"The Murthy Law Firm is a very well known website for accurate, timely and reliable news source for all immigrants. Recently, I had to engage services of immigration lawyers personally, and it was pleasure to use services from this great team. I am overwhelmed by the professional services provided with clarity and prudence.

"As we all have experienced as  immigrants in the USA, there is a worry and confusion with the elaborate labyrinth placed before us. It is a sigh of relief to have such a reliable and trustworthy guide to tread though this."

Sandesh D.
Seattle, WA

"I never tried anyone else, but I don't expect anything less than what MLF has provided me. I doubt anyone can beat them. I have heard what my friends have to go through with their attorneys and think that I am in best hands. [MLF] attorneys and the other staff understand you and your problems. [These are] happy attorneys who listen to you and then advise, proactive legal advice and services, good documentation, prompt and accurate billing, etc, etc. They are the best. I recommend MLF to everyone to whom immigration matters! All the best to MLF."

Raj Chintapalli
Cherry Hill, NJ

"We take this opportunity to extend our heartfelt gratitude and appreciation to the Murthy Law Firm for handing our immigration case in a most professional, able, and efficient way. We were immensely impressed and overwhelmed with a positive and work-oriented environment at the firm at all levels of interaction. We came nervous, unsure and uncertain for the things to come. But the Murthy Law firm allayed all of our fears and concerns with humane and outstanding expertise. No doubt the firm is one of the most reputed and distinguished in the field of immigration. We commend the legal luminaries and are indebted to them for their professional expertise and acumen, positive approach, patience, calmness & cheerful disposition in handling difficult cases. We are quite certain that the Murthy Law Firm is the answer to all our immigration problems. Actually, the professional competence, humane approach & ethical standards of the firm are beyond words."

Sanjiv Mohla
Waynesboro, PA

"The staff and attorneys at Murthy are very knowledgeable and worked together with me answering all my questions and explaining all different options and aspects of the process."

Edison Figueroa
Golden Valley, MN

"When I first selected your firm for my green card process, I provided a justification to our company to use your firm over the company lawyer. The reason for selecting your firm was the knowledge base, up-to-date information and the constant involvement of your firm with the USCIS. One of the best decisions of my life. Your lawyers provide a great strategy. Your new website / ULP provides a comprehensive resource and ease of access for all documents. Keep up the good work!"

Sameet Rajguru
Webster, MA

"... I cannot forget the consistent and regular communication, untiring support and the comfort that you have given throughout the process. There are several times you have gone out of the way to reassure me. I [knew] all the time that my case was being handled by an honest and sincere attorney. ..."

Udaya Kumar
Cordova, TX

The attorney handling my case at the Murthy Law Firm is a wonderful, wonderful person. Even though I have not met him in person, I feel like I have known him for years. He has rightly guided me throughout my case and helped me keep my confidence. I had the choice of going with another lawyer, but I was confident that [this lawyer and the Murthy Law Firm] were right for me. My case was very complicated. In short, my daughter and I were denied our green cards after my husband passed away, but it was only due to the effort of [the Murthy team] that we could get the approval of our green cards. Because of my attorney at the Murthy Law Firm, I am a happy person today.

Sangeeta Bhagat
Colonia, NJ

" The Murthy Law Firm is really the best immigration law firm in the U.S.A."

Thiru Gunturu
Irving, TX

"From me and my whole family we want to thank you for doing wonderful work. I suffered three long years of query and two denials of my I-140 visa [handled prior to my approaching the Murthy Law Firm]. After deciding to go with your firm, I realized how professionally my case was handled, and it was approved. Really, it is truly appreciated."

Anand M.
Plano, TX

"This is the second time my family has used Murthy Law Firm services. Both times the prompt support from professionals has led to success in our cases. [It] was easy to communicate with staff. The automated phone system was easy to follow. The receptionist was courteous and friendly. The MurthyDotCom website is easy to navigate. The Unique Landing Page (ULP) is user friendly and useful in processing my case. The attorney ... effectively communicated the strategy of my case, and has been proactive in helping to avoid problems. The paralegal ... was easily accessible to answer my questions, and returned my calls in a timely manner. Documents were prepared very quickly and professionally, sent to the appropriate office without delay. Communications were friendly. I received answers to all my questions and concerns. Overall, I am totally satisfied and will recommend the Murthy Law Firm to all my friends, because these professionals really know immigration matters!"

Maria Belousova
Bethesda, MD

The attorney and paralegal were extremely knowledgeable. It is an experienced staff handling the immigration cases.

Sharathkumar Chandrasehkar
Bellevue, WA

"I was really amazed with an experience. The online case management was wonderful. I was skeptical, but in the end the entire process was really smooth. I would love to see a MurthyApp on my phone. I have to appreciate the thought put into the OCM and congratulate Murthy Law Firm on the excellent job."

Priya Krishnan
Reminderville, OH

"Excellent service at an affordable price. You can count on the Murthy Law Firm for all immigration related issues and queries. The staff is knowledgeable and courteous."

Srikar Kotturu
Madison, WI

There are no words to say thanks for the dedicated work of your attorney office for my family to get the green card. For the past 8 years, your office proactively alerted me to renew H1B, H-4, EAD, and A/P. Even filing of I-485 was done very swiftly. Throughout these years, your office made sure that all of us are "in status" and helped us in the way, which cannot be described. Every single facility, even your client services, are exemplary and very courteous.

At this juncture, my special thanks to one and all, at Attorney Sheela Murthy's office. Yes, your office is a different kind of law firm, which knows immigration matters better than anyone.

Edwin Jey
Warminster, PA

"Murthy Law Firm: Really excellent service!"

Muthuselvam Pichan
Sunnyvale, CA

"The process of selecting an attorney for a green card is very challenging and can be frustrating. My experience with [the] Murthy [Law Firm] was excellent and very professional. I will recommend Murthy to anyone who may be considering filing for an EB1 category."

Vikrant Vats
Chicago, IL

"Excellent service all the way around. Keep up the GREAT work! Always met my expectations and everything is communicated in a professional and timely manner."

Manjula Jetpoul
Chadds Ford, PA

"Murthy is the best law firm on immigration matters!"

Soorejkumar Suresh
Acton, MA

"The team at Sheela Murthy's office uses communications technology to the benefit of its clients. Telephone calls and eMails are responded to quickly. The website is the best I have found, with timely reports on immigration news written in language that non-lawyers can understand! Putting my case in their hands, I feel secure and that my money is well spent in hiring them. Save yourself the headache of trying to find a cheap immigration lawyer and sleep better at night!"

Vimlesh Kumar
Denver, CO

"[Left in the lurch by circumstances beyond my control at] the I-140 [stage, I] involved the attorneys and staff at the Murthy Law Firm. They were able to re-evaluate my case urgently and helped me file in the EA category. It may sound like usual immigration business, but the extreme promptness allowed me to stay in status. I selected the out-of-town Murthy Law Firm after trying a few in my own city. The outcome of I-140 application might be pending at present, but I have absolutely no regret over hiring the Murthy Law Firm to represent me and my family."

Debashis Dasgupta
Grafton, Wisconsin

"The Murthy Law Firm is the best in the business. My green card case was approved within a few months of filing with Murthy Law Firm. I am highly impressed with unmatched excellence in providing top-quality immigration representation. I would not hesitate hiring their services in the future. I would highly recommend Murthy Law Firm to everyone who wants the best lawyers for immigration."

Rodica Cadareanu
Redding, Connecticut

"My past three years working with Murthy Law Firm has been nothing but GREAT! Everything is done in a timely, professional, and personable manner. I would be lost without the great help of everyone at MLF that touches our cases! Bravo to a fabulous group of professionals that I have developed a great working relationship with...and friendship too. You're the best at what you do!"

Lisa Leeman
Sidney, NE

"[The] Murthy Law Firm maintains really qualified and experienced talent in immigration. They are extremely meticulous and thorough in their approach to cases. Murthy has given us extreme stability in employee retention. They REALLY know immigration matters!"

Mano Mohanram
Madison, WI

"I am indebted to Murthy Law Firm for successfully processing my I-140 and my family’s I-485 petitions. I remember speaking to Sheela Murthy for the first time, as a new client, when I was frustrated. My previous attorney had messed up my I-140, resulting in withdrawal of my petition by the USCIS. Due to this complication, I had almost lost hope. Sheela told me confidently that she will help me to get my petitions through, and she did.

"Throughout the time when Murthy Law Firm worked on my petitions, it was a professional experience with a personal touch. I received updates regularly, with crisp advice helping me provide required documents. The Murthy attorney and paralegal worked seamlessly, compiling my petitions and subsequent responses with acumen and precision. Apart from being knowledgeable, my attorney listened to me through various calls I had with him. ... It was this outstanding service that helped me and my family secure our green cards.

"My experience through the journey to green card could not have been better than this. I would recommend Murthy Law Firm to all visa aspirants."

Adheesh Prabhavalkar
Glastonbury, CT

"... Thank you all for all your help, guidance and support throughout the process of explaining every little thing in detail, alleviating a lot of our doubts, collecting documents, applying for the extensions until dispatching the Approval documents. It has been our genuine pleasure to have worked with you all throughout the entire process."

Kumar & Gayathri Ramamoorthy
Bothell, WV

"I like the service the Murthy Law Firm provides. They are clear about everything and guide their clients in right direction. They are proactive and prompt. They are the best!"

Koteswara Rao Motipall
Herndon, VA

"My experience with Murthy Law Firm was great. I have absolutely no complaint about anything. I am very much thankful to the whole team that I had dealt with in the past 5 1/2 years."

New York, NY

"On behalf of my family, I want to thank you for your help and understanding. The quality of legal advice was only comparable to the professionalism of your staff. But most importantly, I want to thank YOU[, Ms. Murthy,] for your kind words to my wife and my daughter in a moment when we needed a true partner to finalize our long immigration journey. Thanks to you, we can call this country HOME."

Cesar Mendoza
Montclair, VA

"My experience with Murthy Law Firm is great!!! The Staff has, 'Whatever it takes' positive attitude to help out immigrant[s]. They really stand by their slogan, "Immigration Matters!" I would recommend anybody in need of immigration services to utilize MLF."

Bhavin Contractor
Columbia, Maryland

"[These attorneys and paralegals] are among the best at what they do. I am extremely glad my company decided to use the Murthy Law Firm for my green card services. I strongly recommend Murthy over any firm due to their strong desire to think in the best interests of their clients. They really work hard to ensure their clients are satisfied and informed on each step of their immigration matters. Keep up the great work!"

Siddharth Powar
San Antonio, TX

"I appreciate the persistence, patience, and meticulous planning and coordination [of the attorney and paralegal on my case]. The Murthy Law Firm made my dreams possible. At one stage I was wondering if I ever get my green card. I had a conversation with Sheela Murthy and she revived my hopes and took my case as a challenge. Thank you, Ms. Murthy. I have no words to express my happiness."

Sudhakar Karumuri
Austin, TX

"We just got to know from USCIS that our green cards have been ordered for production. Please convey our special thanks to Sheela and her wonderful team for their special efforts in getting this done for us in a timely manner. I honestly believe that no other law firm could have done this as professionally and as efficiently as the Murthy Law Firm."

Rajesh Raghunath


In general visa processing is a tedious job, with lots of documentation to present the legitimacy of our case. With strict laws governing the U.S. visa, it is even more important to ensure that we present our case better to the USCIS and the consulate and seek approval.

The Murthy Law Firm was an excellent find for processing my L-1 petition. I had a pleasant experience working with the attorneys and the paralegal team. I need to mention that the level of professionalism, detailed documentation, and attention to details was excellent. There was constant communication and follow up from the paralegal team till the final filing and the attorneys were always available to answer the queries and clarify. I appreciate the efforts taken by the attorney, in representing us with the USCIS and presenting our case. I highly appreciate the methodical procedure followed through the entire process, making this a pleasant experience. I look forward to working with you again, on future immigration matters. Thank you, again.

Gerald J. Paulraj
Springfield, OR

"Very friendly, very prompt and reliable and trustworthy legal professionals. I do trust Murthy law firm for their excellent service. Keep up good job and God bless you!"

Balakrishna Chintaginjala
Edina, MN

"I am extremely happy with the overall experience of working with the Murthy Law Firm. The attorney was very prompt and professional with explaining the procedures to me and the strengths / weaknesses of my case. A lot of the time potential clients consult hoping to hear only positive stuff i.e. that petition will be successful [despite] weak credentials. I personally prefer hearing a realistic evaluation and that's what I got and appreciate. The paralegal ... was simply OUTSTANDING - super prompt, super efficient, super polite, and all other superlatives that go along with such a testimonial. Although the costs of hiring the Murthy Law Firm may seem (prima facie) to be expensive, when you see the petition put together, you realize that this firm puts a lot of thought into presenting the information in the BEST manner possible that enhances one's chance of success. Thank You Murthy Law Firm!"

Rohan Fernandes
College Park, MD

"My paralegal was outstanding in responding to every question of mine. My attorney was involved whenever necessary, and my whole case from labor start to I-485 approval was done in less than 1.5 years. Outstanding client satisfaction! Thanks to the Murthy Law Firm for taking up my case and relieving my stress about PR status."

Niranjan Sathindran
Ashburn, VA

"For a hassle-free processing of visa and with thorough knowledge, Murthy is a trustworthy firm who I will definitely recommend."

Yamini Cuppu Selvakumar
New Berlin, WI

"[The] Murthy Law Firm is excellent in immigration services. I received awesome service and had a wonderful experience processing my requests."

Satish Kolkunda
Fairfax, VA

"After having a bad experience with another firm, I am extremely pleased with the Murthy Law Firm. All the attorneys I have talked to and consulted with, as well as the paralegals, have been very professional, knowledgeable, courteous, and helpful. I recommend the Murthy Law Firm to everyone who has an immigration-related matter - small or large."

Selen Ustun
College Station, TX

"I have been [a] client for last seven years. GC EB1 and a couple of times reentry permits. The entire team is fabulous. I interacted with attorneys and paralegals and all of them have been wonderful. Completely customer-centric ... and this is very important. Their competency / expertise in immigration matters is well-known to the world. To me, what is important is caring for the clients and guiding them through. This immigration process is akin to a patient with a medical condition seeking solace from a competent doctor. The Murthy Law Firm is full of competent immigration doctors! My friends and other family members are their clients, too. ... Once again, thank you."

Best wishes,

Nirmal Koshtt
Piscataway, NJ

"Thank you, Murthy Law Firm, for your exceptional immigration services. They are the best in business. ... I would definitely refer Murthy Law Firm to others in need of U.S. immigration guidance."

Sumanth Reddy
Dallas, TX

I am 100% satisfied with the services of the Murthy Law Firm. The staff and attorneys are extremely professional, very polite, and very efficient. Thank you very much. Murthy Law Firm is the BEST!

Fawad Javed
Rochester, NY

"... I felt tension free and confident when attorneys at Murthy [Law Firm] started working on my case."

Badri Challa
Clarksburg, MD

"I was disappointed when my case went for administrative processing, as it already had been over a year without not much progress. I consulted a number of different attorneys and was frustrated by the opinions of them all. A friend told me to contact the Murthy Law Firm. Although my case was very complicated, the lawyers at the Murthy Law Firm did an outstanding job in getting my immigrant visa. Their strategy to solve the case seemed a bit different, but it definitely worked out for me. They are very organized, work as a team, and handle every case with ease and very professionally. I would definitely recommend the Murthy Law Firm for any immigration needs."

Salah Uddin
Silver Spring, MD

"We strongly advise anyone to use Murthy Law Firm due to their expertise. Our priority date ported and we got confirmation from USCIS because [of Ms. Murthy's suggestion.] ... Thank You very much Ms. Murthy, as due to our earlier priority date, we got GC in time. We love you and will always seek your [firm's] help for any future immigration matters."

Bakul Vakil
Hummelstown, PA

"I was told [by others that] my case could not proceed because of the 6-year H-1 limit, and there was no time to file and receive my new LC. I had no option but to leave the country. On a friend's advice, I spoke to [a senior attorney at the Murthy Law Firm], whose first question was, 'How long have you stayed away from the U.S. on vacations?' We did a vacation recapture and applied for my new LC. This was 6 years ago! I will always use the Murthy Law Firm for any of my immigration needs."

Sathish Anoor
Cary, NC

"I am extremely glad I chose the Murthy Law Firm. I was unfairly deported from the U.S. back to Australia, which left my career at a standstill. I had other consultations with a couple of law firms and they really had no idea about my visa issues. My Murthy attorney understood my circumstance and took my case on, and now I am happy to say we had a positive result. My order of expedited removal was rescinded and I was recently granted my B1B2 visa by the U.S. consulate in Sydney, Australia!"

Benjamin Mann
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

"I was very happy with the services provided. They did a great job on documentation. They are quick to response to any questions or concerns. The attorney was helpful and gave guidance on my education qualification and how it would benefit my green card application.

"Overall, they are very professional, detailed in their work, and easy to work with, which resulted in success for my case. I strongly recommend their service for any kind of situation."

Rajiv Ravola
Bourbonnais, IL

"It was a great privilege to have had a chance to work with the Murthy Law Firm to represent our case. From the time our case was taken up, and till adjudication, all the staff were very courteous and professional. Especially, our attorney, who was very proactive and thorough in every aspect. He went above and beyond every step of the way, and showed us the possibilities that we did not know existed before. He has been an inspiration to achieve our dreams. MLF you are the best! Thank you for all that you do!"

Suresh Kandagatla
Salisbury, MD

"I highly recommend Murthy Law firm. The staff and the attorney assigned to my case were very helpful, responded timely and addressed my concerns in a very efficient way. I am glad I chose Murthy Law Firm for my Immigration Matters!"

Aparna Cavaturuvenkata
Irving, TX

"As an employer I can attest to Attorney Murthy's dedication, professionalism, ethics and results! Her responsiveness is outstanding; she is always accessible by phone. The personal attention our firm receives cannot be matched by the larger law firms. As a Harvard Law School graduate, she brings to each case her impressive expertise. Attorney Murthy is knowledgeable and current with the ever-changing immigration laws, which is so important today. If you need to find an efficient, ethical and dynamite immigration lawyer, you've found her!"

Barbara Jacques
Red Bank, NJ

"Very happy with the service! The system, processes, the attorney and staff were very efficient and timely!"

Mitesh Shah
Iselin, NJ

"I was impressed with the true professional behavior from your law firm (which is hard to get nowadays with so many law firms). Keep up the good work and I will never hesitate to recommend anyone to your law firm for immigration matters."

Nikhil Dubey
Bolingbrook, IL

"Great service - always got timely replies from the legal team and the paralegal team. The attorney who handled the case was very professional and courteous. He was able to answer all my question and gave me lot of confidence."

Sankar Natarajan
East Greenbush, NY

"If I was to say into one word, maybe 'AWESOME,' or 'WOW!'

Pramod Bellamkonda
Huntersville, NC

"I was referred to the Murthy Law Firm by a friend who is a former client. I did not expect that a firm which is so renowned would even listen to me, as I had no money for engaging its services then. I am still touched by the warmth of these attorneys and the way they have dealt with me. The firm is handling my VAWA petition. This is the best thing to happen to me in this country following many horrible experiences because of my abusive marriage. I know I am in best hands and my attorneys do not regard me as only their client, but as a family member."

[Details that might identify this client have been withheld to protect the individuals involved.]

"My company used Murthy Law Firm for my H1B visa and amendments. They are highly professional. The responded to all my queries in a timely manner. I strongly recommend Murthy Law Firm."

Praveen Nagarajan
Bartlesville, OK

"The Murthy Law Firm is a very professional organisation that delivers the best solution for immigration matters. I am deeply indebted to the Murthy Law Firm for all services. I was, and still am, always treated like a dear friend and not just as a client. GOD BLESS YOU ALL!"

Fawad Javed
Rochester, NY

"I started working with the Murthy Law Firm based on what I read in the testimonials section, therefore I must leave my own for others to use. First and foremost, I have to point out the promptness of the staff at this firm. Murthy's preparation of my paperwork was fast, efficient and professional. My EB2 green card application got completed (we got our green cards in the mail) in less than a year. The responses to my numerous questions were also prompt and accurate. Overall, I had a fantastic experience with the Murthy Law Firm and, as a result, three referrals of mine are now Murthy's clients."

Amir Isfahani
Santa Fe, NM

"Thank you to the Murthy Law Firm for being the strength throughout my legal process. I am not only an old client of Ms. Murthy's, but also a great admirer of hers. I have taken her direction, and every step of my life turned out well by following her advice, which was given during a difficult time for me. After 10 years, I came back again searching for legal advice. There is [Ms. Murthy], with same enthusiasm to help her client. Every question and concern I had was always answered in a legally correct way, whether positive for me or not. I had great confidence in my immigration process. Wonderful work also was done by the attorney handling my case." Thank you, Ms. Murthy!"

Chaitanya Deshgani
Bakersfield, CA

"I don't forget the day I arrived at Murthy Law Firm along with my wife with tears of sorrow. Hurt by unethical practices of previous attorney, unclear recommendation by another attorney, I came to the Murthy Law Firm with the last sign of hope. If this case is not approved, I should pack up my bags and go back to India.

"...We felt as if we met a psychologist. There was so much love and care. [...The Murthy Law Firm attorney] took more than hour hearing our problems, organized them and gave us a clear vision. ... Today, I have tears of gratitude for your phenomenal help. I don't have any words to praise the brilliance and the way you solved the case. ...I thank everyone in Murthy Law Firm. You guys are not only helping people to get visa. You are helping them to get a better and prosperous life."

Venkat Ramachandran
Gaithersburg, MD

"Any dealing with the Murthy Law Firm = Peace of Mind!!"

Waltham, MA

"One of the best legal immigration firm[s] in the U.S. Highly professional and quality service. [The] staff has extensive knowledge in immigration matters. Murthy has a very good communication system for case status updates."

Anjan Mandala
Mount Laurel, NJ

"I availed Murthy Law Firm's services for my immigration-related needs. I found their services to be very professional, timely, and valued. I would not hesitate a bit to refer the Murthy Law Firm to anyone in need of professional help for immigration-related matters."

Prashant Nighot
Cary, NC

"I am amazed and very very happy to see the hard work on my case and I don't think any other attorney could have done this for us. I am really grateful to make my American Dream come True by helping me resolving the problem in my case in our favor. Thank you so much!"

Dhaval M.
Dayton, NJ


"My case was a complicated one. The attorneys on my case were extremely helpful since day one! The thorough look into the documents is highly appreciated. The team was always on time, providing great suggestions, and was always fast in responding to my queries. I am absolutely thrilled that my case was a success, and only because of these attorneys!!!"

Venkata Bhojanapalli
North Brunswick, NJ

"The GO-TO firm when you don't want to take any chances with your immigration matters!"

Manish Garg
Union City, CA

"Online Case Management is keeping me informed and the team is proactive, which is very rare to see in this industry. I am very happy with the service."

Thiyagachudar Perumal
Dayton, OH

"After almost 7 long years, our family has finally received the precious green card and that was through the help of the organized and highly professional Murthy Law Firm. We highly recommend Murthy Law Firm for all your immigration matters."

Marvin Soriano
Centreville, VA

"The attention to Detail is excellent. All the documents were thoroughly checked for any possible errors that might cause issues. The attorneys have been dealing with many RFEs, so they have hands-on experience, providing the best response possible..."

Shivaji Chirumamill
Boxborough, MA

"I went to Murthy.com even for things that my friends said I can do on my own (EAD, AP renewal), since I do not want to take any chances. I lucked out for my GC process. Initially, it seemed like a simple case, after mandamus, however, it became a difficult case. Thanks to [the attorneys here], I finally got my green card."

Vivek Jaiswal
Winnetka, CA

"...living (& working) in this country for [the] last 10 years[, I've] dealt with several other law firms in the past I am very thankful that I came to your law firm for my immigration matters. All stages of my employment-based green card process were handled by your firm. It was professional, organized, and everything worked fine for me. Thank you so much."

Yash Devadiga
San Diego, CA

"I think the Murthy attorneys are VERY knowledgeable - they do discuss things among themselves and don't rush to make single-person judgments. They handled my difficult case [from every] perspective. A special thanks goes out to ... the paralegal in my case, who is extremely responsive, professional and by far one of the best proactive paralegals I've worked with in the 8 years that I've submitted various USCIS petitions through various law firms."

Arvind Raghavan
Saint Paul, MN

"My experiences have been positive. In particular, I would like to thank the paralegal of EB1/NIW applications. Her support was complete and fantastic, especially during my letter-collection process. My special thanks to the attorney and paralegal for their commendable work!"

Abirami Radhakrishnan
Baltimore, MD

"It was worthful working with the Murthy Law Firm. The attorney was really helpful in a timely manner."

Jersey City, NJ

"I had consulted with a few attorneys before I selected the Murthy Law Firm to represent my case. I was pleasantly surprised with the care I was provided when I needed it most. I really appreciate their professionalism, promptness and the urgency the staff displayed in handling my case. I was provided with excellent service - starting from client services (which promptly replied all my calls) to the paralegal staff (who answered all my questions to satisfaction) and the attorneys (who are very knowledgeable, professional, and helpful). I just can't imagine going to any other immigration firm for any of my immigration needs. I will keep going back to the Murthy law Firm for all my immigration matters. You are the best!"

Manish Makhija
Nashville, TN

"The Murthy Law firm assisted in applying for my mother's green card. We did an initial telephone consultation prior to utilizing their full services for the green card application. The attorney was upfront on all the required documentation and the checklist was very thorough and helpful in aiding us. The paralegal and attorneys were very responsive and prompt to my inquiries throughout the process. The documentation and the thorough paperwork that the law firm helped with resulted in few to no questions / follow ups from the immigration services. The whole process was hassle free. I would definitely use the law firm's services again!"

Krishna Kumar
Charlotte, NC

"The Murthy Law Firm has successfully handled a very complicated case, when my wife fell out of H-4 status for about 4 years. Other immigration attorneys didn't even want to take on such a case. The Murthy Law Firm was our last hope. They professionally handled the case, filed nun pro tunc and managed to restore my wife's H-4 status. We used them again for our employment-based green card process and we've recently become permanent residents. Thank you, Murthy Law Firm, for all the help!"

Oleksiy Shevchukevych
Brooklyn, NY

"I believe the attorneys and the paralegals at the Murthy Law Firm are the best people for immigration tasks, period! Through their invaluable service, I obtained my GC (NIW) in 5.5 months. Thank you, Murthy Law Firm."

Rajan Murgan
St. Peter, MN

"Awesome. I was always in peace with the knowledge that I had the best representing me. Timely communication, timely updates regarding my case, very useful and effective ULP, courteous staff and prompt responses to my questions are some of the wonderful features of a highly reputed and successful immigration law firm. I would not hesitate in hiring your services in the future... . Thank you for your wonderful service!"

Sai Ganti
Stamford, CT

"My experience with Murthy Law Firm was wonderful. I admire the quality of service provided to me. The attorney has addressed my issues and communicated to me in an effective, timely manner. I prefer to work them."

Suthir Kannan
Waukesha, WI

"To work with the Murthy Law Firm was like a dream come true. They have the expert touch, timely and correct advice, appropriate guidance, an objective approach to the case, care and reassurance, and solutions to every conceivable problem, and overall exhibit class like true royalty. They offer the best professional legal services of any company I have come across. They ensure client satisfaction from the introductory meeting until you get your immigration papers in hand. Customer satisfaction seems to be their key corporate philosophy."

Dr. Rajender Thusu
San Antonio, TX

"The attorneys were a pleasure to work with. Courteous and use their listening skills (essential communication skill, imho)."

Lakshmi Subramanian
Los Angeles, CA

"Murthy Law firm has been very helpful in resolving all of my cases. I would certainly refer them to my friends. The attorney and paralegals are always prompt dealing the cases."

Gangadhar Kandru
Den, NE

"I found Murthy Law Firm after some research online and immediately got in touch with them, as the reviews were very good. I decided to test it out, since the pricing they offered was very decent. From beginning to end, their dedication to my case has been flawless. I would strongly recommend Murthy to anyone who is looking for immigration support, as they really know what they are doing."

Aygul Khabibulina
Jersey City, NJ

"Our family is very happy with [the] overall experience and professionalism your staff provided to us in obtaining our green cards. I strongly recommend your services to anybody. Thank you very much for your help."

Surendra Kadegowda
Laveen, AZ

"Ms. Murthy is awesome. She has provided excellent guidance, and when you know you are on the right, lost confused and betrayed, she provided me the confidence and the right advise to give a right direction to start living again."

Englewood, CO

"[The] Murthy Law Firm [p]rovides high quality services with excellent technology to communicate with their clients. They provided all possible information, which helped me to submit my case-related data quickly and accurately."

Deenadhayalan Srinivasan
Cockeysville, MD

"We had a difficult case involving family members in different countries, nationalities, and an incorrect judgement that was passed a decade ago against one of the applicants. Murthy's team ... went [to] great lengths and made their U.S. journey possible. Their documentation was thorough and covered all aspects of my case. Without Murthy, we could never be at one place and were close to returning back. All this was made possible in less than a year! A dream still for us!!"

Farid Sheik
Jersey City, NJ

"The only thing I regretted was not using Murthy from the beginning process of my green card. During the last step of my green card process, I received an evidence request from USCIS and my own attorney was not confident that I would receive green card approval... . I looked at other attorney services, but they either refused or were unable to provide me with  confidence they could move forward with me.

"I then consulted with Murthy and was surprised at how professional and friendly they were to talk to. They were willing to listen to my case, and were open about how we could submit the evidence.

"They are very honest, and confident in their work. Even though our consultation and correspondence are only via telephone and eMail, I can hear their belief in immigration and that, creates trust.

"I have recommended (will continue to do so) their service to my friends that need any type of immigration services."

New York, NY

"My MET (EB1) approval was one of the toughest processes I have ever gone through. I was advised by other legal firms that the chances are very very slim, but the Murthy Law Firm made it look simple. From the day I met Attorney Murthy to the day I received my MET I-140 approval, it was confidence all the way. The documentation, which took about a year, was done with such perfection that the I-140 was approved without an RFE. Thanks to everyone at the Murthy Law Firm."

Ajit Paul
Iselin, NJ

"Murthy's service is worth every penny. I'm very happy that my cases are handled by them."

Oleksiy Kolisnychenko
Springfield, New Jersey

"I have had the privilege to be a client of this prestigious firm, my experience has been the greatest. My H1B was approved easily and quickly. [The attorney on my case] has been great and [the] paralegal has demonstrated exceptional professionalism. I thank [this] wonderful team of people ... . I am still a client processing my PERM case now. ... Joining this firm has been the best decision for my future in this country. I am very happy as a client."

Diyee Boulangger
Evansville, IN

"Coming to the Murthy Law Firm and finding [my attorney] was one of the best things that happened to my family! We continue to highly recommend him and the firm to all our friends and family. Also, if we ever again need an immigration attorney we will be using their services for sure. [The attorney] and team were very courteous, very knowledgeable, and very thorough. This resulted in an excellent outcome in my case with no hiccups - which was interesting considering some of the conflicting opinions we got from other law firms. They provide the best quality of client centric effort / advice at a very affordable price point.

"Sheeela Murthy and her team are definite visionaries in my mind - filling a much needed gap."

Sirish Rao Vattam
Hudson, NY

"I did extensive research before choosing to request the services of the Murthy Law firm. It was no doubt the best decision I made. ... The services ... were so professionally rendered, that the extensive work seemed like they took my case to a personal level. I should mention that I am a stickler for details and rarely give perfect reviews for any services I receive, be it on Yelp or anywhere else, but even if it turned out that I lost this case with the USCIS, I will have still given my Murthy attorney and her team a perfect score for the services rendered. I'll definitely recommend the Murthy Law Firm, and return for my future immigration matters."

Redlands, CA

"I am glad I approached the Murthy Law Firm and am happy to say that the law firm does its best in understanding its clients' unique problems and comes up with approaches to resolve the issues after looking at all other options. The attorney-and-paralegal team do a very good job of explaining the approach to clients. Simply put - No shortcuts! The website portal is also a very effective way of communicating and sharing documents. The team responds quickly to queries posted on the portal. Thanks for everything!"

Anshu Goyal
Overland Park, KS

"I've done my H1B transfer, H1B extension, and green card cases with Murthy. I feel they are all very professional and knowledgeable. And most importantly, they respond to my enquiries in very timely manner. I'm very happy with their services."

Yahong Gu
Reston, VA

"Murthy Law Firm is the best!"

Swarupa Kolla
Houston, TX

"The Murthy Law Firm filed my I-140 petition under the EB-1A category. It was so professionally done that I got an almost "immediate" approval within 24-48 HOURS of filing. The paralegal and attorney assigned to my case were extremely helpful, accessible, and knowledgeable. I could not have asked for better law firm to prepare my legal permanent residency petition!"

Anindo Roy
Baltimore, MD

"The Murthy Law Firm is amazing and has very knowledgeable attorneys. My case was almost hopeless, as my old I-140 was not considered for approval of I-485. My attorney went much deeper than expected to get the evidence for eligibility and filed an appeal (MTR) with confidence, getting my case approved. All the staff members - including the paralegal - are very friendly and responsive."

Rajeev Gupta
Cupertino, California

"Excellent service. Wish I had not wasted time and money with the previous lawyer and had gone with the Murthy Law Firm from the start."

Abey George
Woburn, MA

"Thank you, Team Murthy! You did a fantastic work on all my cases. I am proud to say that I am your client since year 2001. You handled all my cases with precision and utmost efficacy. I recently received my green card and closed another chapter successfully. Because of your professional system this entire process went smoothly. The entire Murthy team - receptionists, paralegals, and attorneys - are resourceful and compassionate. The main thing is that they do connect with people and with their problems. Consultation with attorneys was always helpful and reassuring that the best team is working on our side. It was a pleasant experience. For any immigration matters, Murthy Law Firm is my recommendation to all my friends."

Sudhir Narayan
Cypress, TX

"Best in class immigration services for any U.S Immigration matters. ...  The entire world will benefit from [this] team's excellent works, as Murthy Law Firm truly understands our immigration matters very well!"

Dhanachezhian Duraikannu
Stevens Point, WI

"I went to murthy.com even for things that my friends said I can do on my own (EAD, AP renewal), since I do not want to take any chances. I lucked out for my GC process, because  it seemed like a simple case, initially. However, after mandamus, it became a difficult case. Thanks to my attorneys, I got my green card, finally."

Vivek Jaiswal
Winnetka, CA

"We engaged MLF at a critical point in our case, when our earlier I-485/I-140 concurrent filing through a previous attorney had been rejected. MLF successfully prepared an appeal and got our file re-opened. Happy to report that we recently received our green cards - thanks MLF - couldn't have done it without you!"

Geeta Chukkapalli
Piscataway, NJ

"The service was excellent. My attorney was always available and open to answer any questions. The paralegal was also very helpful. I would definitely recommend this firm to anyone who is looking for legal help in immigration matters."

Pradeep Mangalagiri
Naperville, IL

"Definitely this firm is doing a great job and I am very happy to see the results. Attorneys and the staff are very amicable and attentive. They provide all details and carefully file the application. We never worried about what is missing. Because, the Murthy Law Firm took every care. Our family is taking and will continue to take the Murthy Law Firm's help, because we too truly believe that Immigration Matters!"

Alekhya Marripudi
Madison, WI

"Murthy Law Firm is best and [focuses on the] immigration process."

Rajavulla  Mohammad
Burlington, MA

"Murthy Law Firm has been extremely professional in the handling of my case and the staff there are some of the most competent in any firm that I have had the pleasure of interacting with."

Nithya Gnanapandithan
Lawrence, KS

"It has been a pleasurable experience as an client of Murthy Law Firm (MLF). The attorneys and paralegal are highly committed to work and professional. Overall, you can certainly have peace of mind when your case in the hands of MLF."

Aditya Mittal
Alexandria, VA

"My money was well spent with the Murthy Law Firm. It was a right and a prudent choice. The firm's staff was always responsive. My overall experience is positive. I would strongly recommend others to hire MLF."

Kausik Das
Lincoln, NE

"I will use the Murthy Law Firm again, despite their fees being a little higher than some. With Murthy, you know your are in good hands!!"

Purushottam Kumar
Gainesville, Florida

"It was a commendable professional performance and was one of a kind. In short, it was precise, competent, and most highly result oriented."

Muktesh Pant
Jersey City, NJ

"Excellent quality of work. I already recommended [the Murthy Law Firm] to few of my friends."

Ravi Balakrishnan
Visalia, CA

"The key is the expertise and [ability] reach out to people easily. The website has got all the information and explanations we want and is constantly updated with the status."

Thangaavel Chandrasekaron
Elkridge, MD

"Very detail oriented and client focused. They are very cognizant about time sensitivity when they are processing your case.

"You know you are in safe hands when your case is handled by Murthy Law Firm."

Amit Rao
Austin, TX

"I have to thank my attorney for his level of knowledge and the way he obtained our visa approval. Today, if I am with my family, he is the one reason. I will be thankful to him forever. I can't express how much this approval means. I am without the words to express my appreciation for the service of the Murthy Law Firm. People like you are God's gift to people like us. My family is here today because of your skill and knowledge."

Sri Krishna
Houston, TX

"I am very thankful to everyone at the Murthy Law Firm for their valuable, dedicated and timely guidance and service without which it would have been difficult to get my 'green card.' ... I would confidently recommend the Murthy Law Firm to my colleagues and friends for all immigration matters."

Sathya Sankarasubbu
Gaithersburg, MD

"I was assisted from start to finish in my case and I would recommend Murthy Law Firm to anyone as gateway to resolution of their immigration issues."

Amol Joshi
Milwaukee, WI

"Amazing service. At all times, I have felt that I was their no. 1 priority and all the questions were promptly answered and proper guidance is worth a lot. You will get the right guidance at the Murthy Law Firm."

Raghavandher Thimmana
Mayfield Heights, OH

"Murthy Law Firm very elegantly and meticulously drafted the RFE response and cited several references to strengthen my case. In a very short time the attorney drafted a very good response to the RFE. I would highly recommend Murthy Law Firm for immigration matters that need serious thinking."

Columbia, SC

"Thank you very much for all your  help. Your professionalism, knowledge, and process made this difficult green card processing smooth."

Suresh Gopalakrishnan
Albany, NY

"I probably had one of the toughest cases to have been approved in its class - i.e. PERM with familial relationship that underwent Supervised Recruitment. I was lucky to work with the experienced and capable staff of the Murthy Law Firm, as they handled the case very well, which resulted in its approval in a timely manner. As most of you going through this process will know, supervised recruitment cases have a notoriously low success rate of 10-15 percent. Keeping my whole experience in view, I strongly recommend the Murthy Law Firm. Considering the excellent service, they are reasonably priced."

Amer K.
Gainesville, VA

"One of the best in the business. Knowledgeable and polite attorney. They are current with the immigration rules and processes, which is most important to have. Excellent communication of the process and great customer service."

Rakshit Joshi
Cambridge, MA

"The Murthy Law Firm has provided exceptional quality of service. They were very prompt in returning phone calls / questionnaire. The lawyer was very courteous in answering all my questionnaire. The paralegal arranged all the required documentation in a orderly format.

"Murthy Law Firm is the best in what they do. I highly recommend their service."

Rakesh Gundala
Houston, TX

"Best in class in U.S immigration services are being provided by the Murthy Law Firm. We are very impressed by their online case management system, attorney's calls and consultations, paralegal close communications in collecting the documents and filing the case with USCIS after checking several times. Affordable consultation and legal fees for getting a very high quality with the best outcome for our cases by putting human value as top priority."

Dhanachezhian Duraikannu
Stevens Point, WI

"While gathering documents for the case, we felt, 'This is too much.' But when we saw the case result, we can realized it is necessary to be pro-active instead re-active."

Manan Thacker
Wilmington, DE

"Murthy Law Firm helped me during the most critical phase of my immigration process. I cannot thank them enough for what they did! The attorneys and the paralegals were extremely professional, sympathetic, and handled a very time-sensitive case successfully. Murthy Law Firm is the best in the industry and I recommend it highly!"

Urmi Roy
Mandeville, LA

"I got the best service from the Murthy Law Firm - even during the huge filings in July 2007."

Kiran Gogineni
Schaumburg, IL

"[The] OCM portal is convenient for keeping track of your case/s, communicating with the staff, sending and receiving documents and submitting information. The staff is professional and the attorneys are thorough with submitting forms with accurate information."

Ashish Patel
New York, NY

"It was indeed a pleasure interacting with Murthy Law Firm for a high degree of professional competence & legal expertise. The attorneys and para legal staff are quite thorough & proficient in their domain. We are highly appreciative of [the attorney who handled our case] for a humane approach & understanding, high legal caliber & capability. He is quite dignified in his approach to an issue.

"No doubt, the firm is one of the top immigration law firms of the world headed by an able leader with qualities of head & heart."

Sanjiv Mohla
Faitfield, PA

"You will not get better legal representation at such a reasonable price. Going to www.murthy.com was part of my daily routine, and should be for all immigrants. The information on this site kept me on top my case and helped me make pro-active decisions. This is truly an excellent service."

Jamshed Dastur
Bloomfield, NJ

"In all my 10 years of industry experience, the Murthy Law Firm out stands above others in relation to immigration matters in aspects of knowledge, professionalism, quality, and communication. They have a strong team, able to deliver as promised and with no complicated strings attached. I highly recommend this law firm on immigration matters to all others seeking a reliable firm."

Rajesh Taidmalla
Randolph, NJ

"The Murthy Law Firm processes their clients' needs in an intensive, detailed documentation process, which gave me complete satisfaction, seeing how much effort was put into my case. Moreover, I was confident, based on the evidence, that my case would be approved. How many law firms can give that kind of sanctification, even before approval?"

Aravind Arcot
Snyder, Texas

"There is no alternate to MLF when immigration matters!"

Anup Sahoo
Fremont, CA

"I am glad that after 26 years (I came to the U.S. on a student visa in January 1992.), I now have permanent status! ... Not only was your firm very professional, but they also showed personal empathy, which I believe puts your firm above others.

"I will surely contact you should I need assistance or have questions that may arise - and definitely for my citizenship process!"

Samuel Rajasekhar
Hamden, CT

"After I experienced bad service from a lawyer for my initial substitute labor case, I chose the Murthy Law Firm. They exceeded my expectations. Their exceptional service and professionalism stand above any other firm. The paralegals and attorneys at Murthy Law Firm are true professionals and very well prepared to handle the case. I am so glad to have chosen Murthy Law Firm for my I-140 and I-485 cases."

Rajendra Majji
Atlanta, GA

"I am certain that anyone that has used the services of the Law office of Sheela Murthy has nothing but high praise for her work. I would however like to comment on the personal side of Ms. Murthy. Throughout my dealings with her, I have found her to be really patient, easy to talk to, always friendly, courteous and helpful. She possesses superb people skills - makes you feel like a friend rather than a "client." I believe that lawyers with qualities like these are extremely rare - these traits take her beyond the stereotypical lawyer! Her Office staff is also very helpful, knowledgeable and well trained."

Arunshankar Bokkasada
San Antonio, TX

"Will I use your services again? Absolutely! I've used your services more than 4-5 times already for many of my immigration needs. My wife's GC process is under you, as well. I plan to come to you for my citizenship case also, whenever the time comes. And similarly for my wife's case."

Vivek Jaiswal
Los Angeles, CA

"... I came to the U.S to get my kids help for their medical problems. The airport cancelled my visa and my Murthy Law Firm attorney helped very much, and also the immigration officer, to extend my stay at America. So my kids and I would like to thank them with all of our hearts, for keeping us together."

Awattif Almutairi
Baltimore, MD

"... The attorneys I worked with at the Murthy Law Firm did a lot of research and found a mistake made by my previous law firm. They got it fixed and got my I-485 approved. To me it was almost impossible and I had lost all hope. These attorneys have a wealth of knowledge. Do consider the Murthy Law Firm - they really know immigration matters."

Rajeev Gupta
Cupertino, CA

"The Murthy Law Firm was very thorough and professional with their legal work. I felt completely confident that they [would] be able to win approvals for my cases. In fact, I was so happy with their work that I decided to retain them for the further steps of my PERM process after my first case with them. The best thing I liked about them was their response rate and efficiency in addressing my concerns. Not even one of my questions went unanswered over the span of several cases, kudos to them for their team work and professionalism."

Ram Bala
Herndon, VA

"I totally trusted Murthy Law Firm in everything. They made the H1B Visa and the Green Card process very smooth. They are very professional, efficient and productive, which gave us peace of mind in these legal matters!!!"

Alejandro Canadas
Emmitsburg, MD

[The] Murthy Law Firm can be put together into three simplest phrases in English:

"Well experienced." "Knowledgeable." "They know their stuff!"

Arun Karnati
Reno, NV

"[My attorney] was just great - VERY attentive to details. Although my case was pretty complicated, he did a wonderful job handling it. His knowledge and experience gave me confidence before the interview."

Anna Bugaeva
Baltimore, MD

"Experience and service are even better than I expected from your good office."

Haylee Bernarte
Imus City, Cavite, Philippines

"The Murthy Law Firm is direct to the point in dealing with the requirements needed and that makes the processing faster and convenient."

Vincent Ragunton
Marlborough, Massachusetts

"We were very pleased with the response time, thoroughness and attention to detail in the petition. There was never a doubt about the status of the petition at any time in the process. We would like to specially recognize the paralegal, who managed the first part of our petition. She was very professional and very responsive. She replied to our queries immediately and would provide all relevant information. All the staff members and attorneys we interacted with were truly amazing and definitely know their turf well."

S. Rao
Dallas, TX

"I am unable to express my happiness in words. My attorney and paralegal were really amazing and helpful. I really appreciate the incredible work by my attorney. I could refer the Murthy Law Firm to anyone who suffers with immigration issues. Really a great job!!!!"

Ashokkumar Subramanian
Jersey City, New Jersey

"As before, it was a great experience to deal with the Murthy Law Firm. [My] attorney is a thorough professional, highly encouraging and responsive, who understands the psychology of clients in a most humane way."

Sanjiv Mohla
Waynesboro, PA

“This is the only the law firm can successfully handle most complex immigration cases in my opinion.”

"I would like to thank Murhy law firm for their exceptional immigration legal services. The firm's experience and in-depth knowledge of immigration law speaks for itself. ... My case involved unique, complex immigration issues. Before approaching the Murhy Law firm, there were 3 different law firms that handled my case, and they could not obtain success, resulting in a loss of so many valuable years in my life.

"After approaching the Murthy Law Firm and my initial discussion with Sheela Murthy, she has thoroughly assessed my case and assigned to a very capable attorney in her firm, who did an extraordinary job. If I had not approached the Murthy Law Firm, after living 15 years in America, I might have ended up having to leave this great county.

"Again my entire family is indebted for the effort, moral support and patience that attorney Sheela Murthy & ... her staff has provided. With their invaluable help finally I got my green card.

"Thank you, Murthy Law Firm. Thank you all."

Rajasekhar Vendra
Edison, New Jersey

"Having dealt with immigration attorneys of all hues and colors in the past seven years, I have no doubt in concluding that Murthy.com's lawyers are the best. They understand the subtle nuances of the law and ensure that you are always on the right side of the fence. Their documentation standards are the highest I have seen among immigration lawyers. While there are no guarantees in the immigration game, it always pays to have the best coach. As the saying goes, never skimp on a good lawyer or doctor."

Sriram Ramanathan
Safety Harbor, FL

"We approached the Murthy Law Firm for a H-4 nunc pro tunc. The H-4 was not extended for more than 2 years and we were in a bad situation with regards to our legal status. The Murthy Law Firm dealt with our case with professionalism, empathy, and a keen sense of what it would take to get our H-4 backdated. We are thankful to the attorney who handled our case, and to the Murthy Law Firm and are happy to confirm that we were successful in receiving a back dated I-797 from the USCIS. Thank you, Muthy Law Firm!"

Sri K.
Dallas, TX

"Our experience with Murthy Law Firm was simply awesome. They are highly skilled with every aspect of immigration law as well as consular visa processing. The entire staff [was] professional, friendly, and compassionate. I highly recommend Murthy Law Firm to anyone seeking outstanding legal representation. Many thanks ...!"

Fabian & Donna Sohtera
New York, NY

"The moment that I saw the RFE response, I was convinced that it was a done deal this time. Throughout the process, my paralegal and attorney were very helpful and professional. I am sure that I will recommend your services to my friends, too. Once again, great job and thank you!"

Dr. Rahul Rai
Clovis, CA

"Immigration issues are always a cause of great stress - they really do take a toll on you. I was very lucky that a friend of mine referred me to the Murthy Law Firm. I had my initial consultation ... and [the attorney] was both very professional and helpful. He was honest about his view on my case (which I appreciated) and gave me a lot of very useful information. That initial consultation led me to retain the services of the Murthy Law Firm. My case was assigned to [an attorney and paralegal team] and they were just wonderful. My questions were answered promptly, and they never fail to provide me with the information, help, and suggestions I needed. If any of my friends or family members are ever in any sort of immigration issues, I would definitely refer them to the Murthy Law Firm. They really are the best at what they do."

Ruby Dewi
Baltimore, MD

"Working with MLF has been an excellent experience so far. From its website it shows that MLF knows the legal issues very well. After I started working with them, I was assured. When I saw the completed petition, I was very satisfied. The team of paralegal staff and attorney have masterfully edited the paperwork and prepared the case very well. All the information was updated and actions were taken in a timely manner. Overall, I would strongly agree to the fact, that if you believe that you have a case, then MLF will put 100% toward making it successful."

Kausik Das
Lincoln, NE

"I have used your services three times in the last fours years. I admire the professionalism of your organisation, right from the telephone greeting to the President, Sheela Murthy. I thank you for making me feel comfortable and at ease every time I have called you."

Mini Menon
Cedar City, UT

"My case was very complicated and MLF attorneys worked very diligently in resolving my case and getting my I-485 approved. They presented the best possible arguments in my case, were very creative and very determined to fight for my case and get me justice and finally my green card. I am very thankful to MLF attorneys and paralegals, who worked hard on my case and helped me overcome the injustice USCIS had done to me. A BIG Thank You again to [everyone at MLF]. ...Thank you very much Attorney Sheela Murthy for helping the immigrant community through the Murthy Law Firm... ."

Uday Patil

"I am very happy with your services. Very reasonable charges and I am really impressed with your client services. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you, especially my paralegal and my attorney, for prompt responses on mine & my family RFEs."

Sunil Gangaraj
Irving, TX

"I would like to thank [the attorneys on my case] for helping us challenge and fix an unlawful CIS decision using the legal system. It was a very long and painful process. The attorneys had a strategy in place from the beginning and guided us all the way. I'm fortunate to have the Murthy Law Firm represent our case. My overall experience with the firm was outstanding and they did a tremendous job!"

Dinakar Mylavarapu
State College, PA

"Murthy Law Firm has been by far the best law firm. Our company has had quite a few cases filed through the MLF and everyone has had good things to say about the firm. Thanks for your help. I still have two steps left and our company will definitely go through MLF for the same."

Jwalit Parikh
Annapolis, MD

"I would recommend Murthy Law Firm for all immigration matters. They were very professional in each and every step of the immigration procedure."

Panchanathan Arthaballe Chand
Schaumburg, IL

"I have come across various attorneys and paralegals of the firm, and ALL of them are equally competent and sharp in legal matters of immigration. Murthy Law firm attorneys are proactive and always current with matters of visa and green-card processes."

Nilesh Bhattacharya
Silver Spring, MD

"It was a pleasing experience working with the firm. The entire process of GC was executed with utmost care and knowledge. Thanks!!"

Chicago, IL

"Switching to Murthy Law Firm is one of the best decisions I made after I had a bad experience with another lawyer. They were true professionals, working on the case in a timely manner, and keeping me informed on every detail of the case. It was less hassle because they are very well prepared and very prompt in answering questions. I am especially impressed with my attorney who always responded to my eMails within 24 hours, and gave useful information whenever I needed. I will recommend the Murthy Law Firm to all my friends in future."

Rajendra Majji
Alpharetta, GA

"I like that you are pro-active when dealing with my case, so we don't come across issues at a later stage. I also like that your paralegals answer any queries I have in a timely manner. You all are doing such a wonderful job. Thank you."

Sreejith Sreedharan
Charlotte, NC

"In a single sentence: 'BEST OUT THERE!'"

Muralikumar Katta Muddanna
Enid, OK

"One of the most professional experiences I have had with an immigration lawyer in my 11 years trying to get a GC."

Manish Garg
Union City, CA

The office charges reasonable fees, the rates are very competitive nationwide. Also, dealing with Attorney Murthy's office in Baltimore, MD is even more convenient than using a lawyer in my own city! The use of eMails, phone, fax and overnight mail makes the distance really unimportant. I have been told that a majority of her clients are from around the country and the other parts of the world - a truly international practice! I have no hesitation in recommending the services of Sheela Murthy to anyone needing U.S. immigration-related work."

Srinivas Erva
Las Vegas, NV

"I am very much pleased with Murthy Law Firm. I wasn't stressed out at all throughout the process because I knew I was in good hands. They were professional, courteous, thorough, and thoughtful. Overall, my experience with Murthy Law Firm was great.I would definitely refer this company to my family and friends. Thank you for the excellent job you did."

Shyam Pallerla
Charlotte, NC

"I was referred to Murthy Law Firm by a friend who had high regards for Attorney Murthy for solving his complicated case. Having not-so-great an experience with other law firms, I can definitely say my experience with Murthy Law Firm was highly satisfactory. I will recommend their services to whoever is in need. Thanks again!"

Jayesh Shah
Irving, TX

"At the Murthy Law Firm, you get great service from fantastic people. All the staff I met there were good from the first second. I am very happy that I came to them. Well done! I would definitely refer the Murthy Law Firm to everybody in need of U.S. immigration guidance."

Sajiv Kamalakaran
Ashburn, VA

"A very professional and highly reliable legal firm. No one is better prepared to handle the immigration case than Murthy Law Firm."

Rajendra Majji
Atlanta, GA

"I am very happy with the services provided by Murthy Law Firm. Both my attorney and paralegal were very helpful and were outstanding. Thank you very much."

Ramakrishna B.
Overland Park, KS

"Best decision I ever made, in my long and painful immigration journey, is requesting the assistance of the Murthy Law Firm for my Green Card and Citizenship process. Highly knowledgeable in immigration matters, very thorough in paperwork and quite responsive. Overall a very PLEASANT EXPERIENCE!!!"

Rajesh Potluri
Herndon, VA

"Detailed. Organized. Professional."

Sripathi Jagannathan
Simi Valley, CA

"Excellent service! Received green card and H1B renewal all through Murthy. [Everything went] very smoothly during the PERM, I-140, I-485 phases. Will definitely recommend this to all who want to go through the EB GC process."

Shiyan Cao
Highland Park, NJ

"The Murthy Law Firm (MLF) did a great job of reviving my denied I-140. The attorney had a compelling, fact-based counter argument to USCIS and I received my I-140 approval in 45 days. This is a great achievement for me, as well as for MLF."

Sunil Dorairajan
Chantilly, VA

"Really very good service. Overall good experience. Happy to work with you again."

Bhavinbhai Patel
Jersey City, NJ

"Everyone has to research their case. But if you want the best legal advice, and best course of action, Murthy is the one. I have [been a client of] Murthy since 2013, to file my EAD/AP, take over my complete GC case, successfully file a lawsuit against USCIS, and file FOIA to retrieve information from USCIS. Although some problems are outside any lawyer's control, if you have even a little chance in your case, Murthy will find out the angles that give you the maximum chance of success."

Vivek Jaiswal
Los, CA

"I believe this is greatest law firm for H-1 and green card processing. When I go with Murthy I feel it is like brand names stamped before USCIS."

Nagaraju Valusa
Bentonville, AR

"With the Murthy Law Firm's diligent effort and guidance, I was able to successfully get my U.S. citizenship. Acquiring my U.S. citizenship was only a distant dream for me originally, but with their consistent guidance the entire process turned out to be very smooth. I am truly grateful for their support."

Herndon, VA

"MLF is one of THE best firms to work on your immigration issues. They give the same importance to every detail and communicate with you all along the way. The attorneys and paralegals are very easy to get to and respond to your needs right away. This is essential for your case to be successful. ... The attorneys are also extremely skilled in the law and on how to deal with the federal agencies. I would certainly recommend them to anybody and everybody."

Jim Prajesh
Long Island, NY

"My experience with Murthy attorneys [has been] excellent. They have the thorough knowledge of the case and the legal aspects. Their suggestions are very good., especially in my case. I had to go through a few issues with my employer withdrawing the I-140 and USCIS initially rejecting the I-140 and I-485. Eventually, with [the] Murthy attorneys' help, my case was reopened and all the RFEs were handled so well. I finally my got my GC. The victory was so sweet. Thanks to Murthy Law Firm. I would suggest their services to all my friends who need help. Hats off to you. Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

Balaji Govindachari
Mayfield Heights, OH

"After dealing with various immigration attorneys for about eight years, I did not have higher expectations from Murthy Law Firm when I contracted them for my case last year. I am stunned by their holistic work ethics, technologically advanced user friendly client-attorney communication (ULP) system, friendly / proficient attorney, and responsive paralegal staff. It is very impressive to watch how professionally the attorney streamlined case details to perfection using number of phone conversations with me and my employer. It is hard to believe that the attorney can devote this much time and attention for the client whom she never met personally. "

Sunil Desai
York, PA

"The Murthy Law Firm was so helpful. I need not worry for anything. They keep me posted on time, clarifying all my queries on time."

Subramanian Kasi
Hackensack, NJ

"I would strongly recommend anyone to use Murthy Law Firm. Best part is, this firm doesn't look for loopholes in system and make way for you. It does right thing first time. Last year my attorney didn't allow me to file my H1B but this time he did and there was no issues ever at USCIS. [My attorney] is true professional and highly knowledgeable. Paralegal are very prompt and responsive. When my employer told about Murthy firm in the beginning, I thought it is a desi firm and they will spoil my case, but this is exactly opposite. This firm knows everything and handle your case in best possible way. They completely understand the urgency of your situation ... ."

Ritu Mukim
Cary, North Carolina

"While my case was very straightforward, we found [the] Murthy Law Firm to be an excellent law service provider. The attorneys are very knowledgeable and very helpful. They would clear our doubts even though it is farthest related to our case. I would come to them again and again for their work."

Payal Patel

"My experience with the Murthy Law Firm is amazing, making me feel the process is simple and at the same time very thorough. I am very grateful to the firm for taking every step needed proactively, without having to fix after the fact.

"I highly recommend Murthy Law firm to anyone with immigration issues."

Sunith Veluri
Dallas, TX

"Simply the perfect combination of great knowledge and tons of experience is available in the Murthy Law Firm. Cases related to any matter are in great and helping hands. Thanks a lot for all the help from the paralegals and attorneys."

Jitendra Gohel
King of Prussia, PA

"Thanks to the entire Murthy team, I have been greened after nearly 10 years of waiting! I had really come to a point of accepting a decision one way or the other after 14 years and just wanted to move on. My special thanks to [the attorney in my case] who gave me invaluable tips, and [my paralegal], who handled all the paperwork and got us the I-864 just in time."

Bharath S.
Mountain House, CA

"MLF is an awesome and EXTRAordinary team. This is a trustworthy law firm for green card processing. Thank you to everyone at MLF. You made my dream come true to become a GC holder."

Srinivas Shanigaram
Santa Clara, CA

"My company hired the Murthy Law Firm in 2010 to start my green card filing and in 2011 to extend my H1B visa. Both cases have gone off smoothly and I am pleased with the thoroughness of the Murthy staff in ensuring that all paperwork is squared away before any legal filing. Murthy's bulletins are very informative and I have found Murthy's attorneys to be very accessible for consultations in the event of questions that cannot be addressed by the paralegals. The paralegals are very prompt in their follow-ups (whether it be requesting documents or answering client questions). I have complete peace of mind knowing that the Murthy Law Firm is there to help me with [my] immigration matters."

Tony John
Herndon, VA

"I am very happy for the services of the Murthy Law Firm in handling my case for the timely processing of an H-4 EAD as soon as the USCIS announced processing. In fact the steps and process were very clear and, most importantly, the communication tool is worth a mention here. I am happy to receive my card in one month's time and will definitely recommend this firm to my friends and colleagues. Thank you, Murthy Law Firm!"

Archana G.
Fremont, CA

"I am 100% satisfied with Murthy Law Firm service. [The] attorney and team handled my case (EB2 GC) very well - no complaint at all. I am impressed with the technology and experience of the Murthy Law Firm. I highly recommend them for any immigration matter! Leave all tension and complications in Murthy's hands. Thanks to my attorney and paralegal team for providing the best support in getting my green card."

Mital Patel
Waltham, MA

"Great Service! Thanks for all your help ... IMMIGRATION DOES MATTER!!"

Murali Gottumukkala
O Fallon, MO

"Murthy Law Firm is THE BEST. Choosing Murthy Law Firm to represent me in my immigration matters is one of the best decisions I have made. Both my attorney and paralegal were very helpful and were outstanding. Thank You!"

Renuka K.
Norman, OK

"Choosing to go with Murthy Law firm helped me speed up my GC process by many years. The strategy was clearly defined and it worked without even an RFE."

Ganesh Ramachandran
Highlands Ranch, CO

"The attorney's strategical approach together with the paralegal's tactical methods resulted in a complete and timely submission, and a USCIS approval in a complex immigration petition. Both attorneys and paralegals are extremely focused on the client's requirements and work hard to achieve objectives."

Chandrasekar Venkataraman
Parsippany, NJ

"From the beginning I was impressed with the efficient communication from the paralegal assigned to my case. Everything was explained, corrected, updated as soon as I provided needed information. The final consultation was also helpful and covered / explained all nuances."

Dmitry Ivanov
Silver Spring, MD

"My experience with the Murthy Firm was very positive, thanks to the attorney who was assigned to me ... . She undertook great effort, including making visits to the local USCIS office to make sure the case was taken care of. She was very kind and courteous, and showed a lot of concern towards my case. I have dealt with attorneys from other firms in the past and had some bad experiences due to improper guidance. The Murthy Law Firm is a blessing."

Carl Clifford
Clarksburg, MD

"The best immigration lawyers in United States of America!"

Mayur Yadav
Eastvale, CA


"I came to the USA on an H1B. Murthy is a very big name for H1Bs on through the GC case. I heard and read a lot about Murthy, but never had a chance to use the Murthy Law Firm. I was under the impression that Murthy must be very expensive, but after I used Murthy for my EB3 to EB2 case transfer, I realized that Murthy is not so expensive. Their charges are reasonable and the quality of work for the money is unbelievable. They must have many clients, but they provide enough attention to you and your case. I'm very impressed with the communication they provide. I always get my answer within couple of hours from the paralegal team."

Nilesh Patel
Chalfont, PA

"Murthy Law Firm = University of Immigration Laws. Murthy Law Firm = Great Passion for Immigration."

Ravi Padmanabhan
Atlanta, GA

"I am overwhelmingly happy that I approached Murthy Law Firm for my immigration case, when I switched from my former employer. In spite of all the complexities, the attorneys at the Murthy Law Firm reassured us and worked aggressively. An interesting detail caught by our attorney turned out to be favorable for the approval of our green card. Undoubtedly, we owe the success of our green card case to the attorneys at the Murthy Law Firm. Thank you!"

Anish Thomas Mathew
Pittsburgh, PA

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