The Full Force of Our Legal Team

U.S. immigration law is complex and, even without the passage of new laws, policy shifts and different interpretations call for new strategies and creative solutions. The lawyers we have at the Murthy Law Firm are all knowledgeable and experienced in matters of U.S. immigration law. Each one of the nineteen lawyers in our firm has particular areas of strength, but no matter which attorney is assigned to your case, you have the benefit of the full team behind you.

There are many aspects to immigration, and the matrix that makes up your particular situation would do well to have a cooperative team able to focus on each nuance of your case – whether you are a student with cap-gap questions, an IT worker employed by a consulting company, an I-485 holder applying for a green card through your spouse’s country of origin, or any combination of hundreds of other possibilities.

Unlike the law firms you see on T.V., where attorneys within the same firm try to undermine their colleagues to advance their own careers, the Murthy Law Firm fosters a cooperative attitude. Our attorneys seek out the most appropriate team members to discuss the nuances of cases under their care. We take a holistic approach to your representation, rather than focusing on just the mechanics of filing a case, overlooking potential problems or even advantages that could fast track your processing.

With one Murthy attorney assigned to your case, you have the full team of attorneys standing behind you – not to mention the paralegals and legal assistants, the client services department, and all the rest of the support staff that make up the Murthy Law Firm. We all stand behind you.

We know your immigration matters! ®


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