DHS Study-in-the-States Portal Helpful to Students

Current and prospective foreign national students may find it difficult to navigate through all the available options for studying in the United States, and the requirements that must be met. With this in mind, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) unveiled a new web portal in 2011 designed to provide the international student community with easy access to clear and reliable information about studying in America. The DHS has since made a number of additions and modifications to the web portal, to make it even easier for elite students to bring their talents to the United States.

Web Portal is Part of Study-in-the-States Initiative

As explained in the MurthyDotCom NewsBrief, DHS Launches Web Initiative for Students and Exchange Visitors (30.Sep.2011), the DHS created the Study-in-the-States initiative in 2011 in an effort to encourage foreign students to study in the United States. A web portal was developed as part of this initiative, providing students with a variety of useful tools. For instance, at launch, the portal could be used to help foreign nationals select a school based on different criteria. The web portal also included helpful information for existing students, such as answers to frequently asked questions.

DHS Embracing Technology to Help Foreign Students

Over the past two years, the DHS has continued to add features that have made the web portal even more useful for students. One new aspect is a blog that focuses on matters likely to be of interest to foreign national students. For instance, one recent blog entry discusses the virtual tours of campus offered by many U.S. schools, giving potential applicants the opportunity to walk the school’s grounds, even if an in-person visit is impractical. You can follow Study in the States on Twitter, @STUDYINSTATES to get news and tips to foreign students.

Conclusion: Students Must Stay Informed

There is no question that being a foreign national student presents some unique challenges. Yet, the rewards can be tremendous. Study in the States is a good effort by the DHS to help ease the process for students pursuing their studies in the United States. And, of course, MurthyDotCom offers its own array of tools for students, including the chat and forum, which address student questions. Also visit the student page of MurthyDotCom. These resources can be invaluable in helping international students achieve their goals.

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