A Brief History of MurthyDotCom

It is always exciting for us – the day we launch a new version of MurthyDotCom. Our online presence has long been a source of pride, and the recently unveiled face of the Murthy Law Firm is the result of many long hours, careful consideration of every detail, and repeatedly asking ourselves, “Will this help our visitors?” and “Will they like this?”

When our firm, known at the time as the Law Office of Sheela Murthy, first launched MurthyDotCom in 1994, the goal was simple: to provide the immigrant community with vital information and updates on immigration matters. As one of the first law firms in the world to establish a strong online presence, and offer guidance through our website, free of charge, Sheela Murthy knew that she was in uncharted territory. Now, twenty-two years later, MurthyDotCom has evolved into much more than a simple website – it is a virtual town square, where a community of immigrants and would-be immigrants to the United States gather to learn and to share their knowledge and experiences. It continues to be an essential resource for millions of people grappling with the ever-changing complexities of U.S. immigration law.

First launched in 1994, MurthyDotCom offered immigration news and information that was not otherwise available from a single, reliable source. Knowledge is power, after all, and getting word to foreign nationals and other stakeholders became a fundamental mission of our firm early on. Over the years, other online services were added to MurthyDotCom, including our eNewsletter, a forum, a live weekly chat, podcasts, teleconferences, and blog posts. We continue to report changes in the law and explain its nuances through this comprehensive array of methods as a free service, and are pleased to provide clarification on the law, as well as general guidance on immigration matters to anyone who visits our website or subscribes to the MurthyBulletin. As search engines have developed and made it possible to wade through all that’s out there, to find what you need, MurthyDotCom has consistently been one of the most heavily visited law firm websites in the world.

Over the years, we have earned international recognition for ease of navigation and for our rate of unique visitors. In 2013, we received a Webby honor in the law category. So, what’s next for MurthyDotCom? Having now launched the newest version of our website, we intend to continue offering visitors the latest, most vital tools to help them toward their immigration goals, evolving to meet the needs of the immigration community. While the first twenty-two years of MurthyDotCom have been groundbreaking, we steer a course to the future and look forward to bringing you more!




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