MurthyChat Addresses the President’s Recent Executive Order

In last night’s session of the MurthyChat, a senior attorney from the Murthy Law Firm was on hand to clarify the President’s executive order, which was signed late in the day. Some frequently asked questions are highlighted here.

  1. Do you expect this order to get challenged in court?
  2. Do you have any additional details on the merit-based system that Trump mentioned? Will it apply to future EB2 / EB3 applications?
  3. I am in the U.S. in H1B status, but my wife and child have been stuck in India since March. Can they return to the U.S. in H-4 status?
  4. Does the executive order apply to H1B transfers or amendments?
  5. My employer is about to file my H1B cap case. Does the executive order prevent them from filing the petition?

Join us next Monday evening for another session of the MurthyChat.


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