I have been attending school and working based on authorization for pre-completion optional practical training (OPT). I will graduate at the end of this semester, earlier than planned, as I have no more class requirements after this term. …

… My pre-completion OPT, however, has been approved until the end of the next term. My DSO told me that my early graduation will result in a termination of my pre-completion OPT. Can I apply for post-completion OPT now?


Unfortunately, there is no easy way to just replace your pre-completion OPT with post-completion OPT, because it has to be approved by the USCIS based on standard eligibility requirements. Therefore, your DSO is unable to recommend another period of OPT (i.e. post-completion OPT), which will run concurrently with your current OPT period. However, your DSO may request assistance from SEVP Help Desk, which should be able to change the second part of your already approved authorization to post-completion OPT. (11.Dec.2015)

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