Employers Should Correct Mismatched Data in VIBE

For an employment-based case filed with the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), it is not uncommon for the petitioning employer to be issued a request for evidence (RFE) asking for clarification on mismatched information found in the Validation Instrument for Business Enterprise (VIBE) system. Accordingly, it is helpful to understand what information is available in the VIBE system and the steps that can be taken to avoid VIBE-related RFEs.

Background on VIBE

VIBE is a web-based, anti-fraud tool used by the USCIS to compare company information available in independent, third-party databases with the company information submitted by the employer in connection with a USCIS petition. The MurthyDotCom NewsBrief, FDNS Releases 2013 Memorandum on H1B Fraud Detection (09.Jan.2014), provides more details on the anti-fraud initiatives employed by the USCIS.

Company Information in VIBE

Since 2011, the VIBE program has provided USCIS officers with access to key, basic details regarding a petitioning employer. This commercially available information may include general details, such as a company’s physical address, date of establishment, and its corporate structure. If the information in VIBE differs from what is indicated by the petitioner, the USCIS may issue an RFE regarding such discrepancies. More information on VIBE is available on the USCIS website.

Profiles in Dun and Bradstreet Transferred to VIBE

The commercially available information about a company in VIBE is currently obtained from a database compiled and maintained by Dun and Bradstreet (D&B), an independent business services company. Petitioning employers are not required to create a profile or update records with D&B. However, petitioners may wish to review their respective corporate profiles in D&B and provide corrections and/or updates as necessary, in order to help avoid VIBE-related RFEs. U.S. employers may enroll online for a free account to access their basic information.


Most VIBE RFEs are the result of out-of-date or incorrect data in VIBE that are easily addressed by petitioning employers through the submission of the appropriate document/s. Given that D&B is responsible for maintaining millions of corporate profiles, it is hardly surprising that some of the data is outdated or inaccurate. Yet, the USCIS is likely to continue using the VIBE program in an effort to combat potential fraud and to preserve the integrity of U.S. immigration programs.


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