23 Mar 2017

NewsFlash! Processing Delays for H-4/EAD Applications Filed With H1B Premium Processing Cases

The Nebraska Service Center (NSC) is taking longer than normal to adjudicate H-4 I-539 applications and I-765 applications for H-4 employment authorization documents (EADs) that are filed concurrently with H1B petitions for premium processing.While there is no premium processing available for H-4 or EAD applications,...

20 Mar 2017

My employer filed an H1B amendment for me a few months ago that is still pending. Can a second amendment be filed for me now, or do we need to wait for the first one to be approved?

Answer Yes, generally speaking, an H1B amendment may be filed while another amendment is still pending. This practice is already fairly common, but will inevitably become practically a necessity once the suspension of premium processing for H1B filings goes into effect on April 3, 2017. (20.Mar.2017)In...

09 Mar 2017

USCIS Issues Erroneous H1B1 Approval Notices

Due to a technical error, the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) recently issued a number of H1B approvals that were incorrectly annotated with the H1B1 annotation. The USCIS is expected to issue corrected approval notices to reflect the proper H1B designation. Background on H1B1 Category The...

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