H-4 Dependent

The H-4 visa classification is available to the spouses and children of persons who hold valid H1B temporary worker status. H-4 status must be separately extended for each family member by filing an application with USCIS. It is not automatically extended when the spouse or parent receives an extension of H1B status. Persons in H-4 status are permitted to live in the United States and to attend school, but are not permitted to work.


  • A spouse or parent in valid H1B status
  • Eligibility by being under 21 years of age, if applicant is a child
  • Making an application for an H-4 visa at a United States consulate abroad, and then entering the United States in H-4 status; OR
  • Making an application for a change of status with the USCIS, if one is already in the United States, but holds a different visa classification

What We Can Do for You

  • The Nonimmigrant Department of the Murthy Law Firm can counsel individuals in regard to applying for, or maintaining their H-4 status.
  • Murthy Law Firm attorneys have experience in assisting persons who have lost H-4 status as the result of errors or omissions. In some cases, failure to properly extend H-4 status can be cured by requesting special action on the part of USCIS.