I have been working on STEM OPT and my employer filed an H1B petition for me on April 1st for the October 1st start date. My STEM OPT will end on June 20th, …

… and we still do not know if the H1B petition was picked in the lottery and accepted for processing, since we did not receive either a receipt notice or our petition back. Is there any way to find out if the petition was accepted and is now pending?


Your employer should check with their bank to see if the filing fee checks have been cashed. If the USCIS cashed the filing fee checks, the H1B petition was accepted and is currently pending.
Additionally, you should log into the SEVP student portal in SEVIS and, if you notice that your STEM OPT end date has been moved up to September 30th. This would be an indication that the USCIS has accepted your H1B petition and made changes to your SEVIS record to reflect the cap-gap period. (15.Jun.2018)

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