How to Schedule a 221(g) Appointment at a U.S. Consular Post in India

While a visa applicant can be issued a 221(g) refusal for several reasons, it often signals that the consular officer requires more information before making a final determination about a visa application. At certain U.S. consulates, including those located in India, an applicant who was denied a visa under INA 221(g) and needed to appear for an in-person interview was previously permitted to walk in on any weekday at certain stipulated times. Due to the ongoing pandemic, however, walk-in appointments have been suspended indefinitely. An overview of the process for scheduling a follow-up appointment at the U.S. consulates in India is provided here for the benefit of MurthyDotCom readers.

Background on 221(g) Denials

A U.S. consulate might require an applicant to schedule an interview because an updated document is required, or if the adjudicating officer needs to clarify information. Since the COVID-19 pandemic has delayed the resumption of regular consular operations, some applicants have been informed to wait to receive an update from the consulate, while others are advised to schedule a follow-up appointment.

Process to Schedule an Appointment

To schedule a 221(g) appointment, the applicant must log in to their profile on the CGI Federal website. The option to schedule an appointment should be visible on the home screen. Alternatively, the applicant can navigate to the top left corner of the screen and select “Schedule Appointment.” A date and time can be chosen from the available options. There is no fee associated with scheduling a 221(g) appointment at any consular post. Once the appointment is scheduled, the system does not allow the applicant to cancel or reschedule the interview.


It is vital that a 221(g) refusal is dealt with timely and proactively, as failure to submit the required information within one year from the date the denial is received will result in suspension of the visa application.


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