29 May 2024

My employer is filing my H1B for consular processing. I am Indian, but I am currently working in the EU. Can I apply for my visa in Europe, or do I have to apply at a consulate in India?

Answer In many cases, is not necessary to go to one's home country to apply for a visa. But, before applying at a consular post as a third country national (TCN), one should look to see if the post has any restrictions regarding TCN applicants. The...

01 May 2024
01 May 2024
27 Mar 2024

My current advance parole expired a few months ago, and I am now applying for a new one. If I leave the U.S. now, will the USCIS deny my AP application?

Answer There is a good chance that the USCIS will deny the pending I-131 application based on the travel. Unfortunately, the USCIS has a policy that, for initial AP applications – or for applications where the previous AP has expired – the applicant generally must remain...

27 Mar 2024

My I-140 is approved in the EB1 category and the priority date is current. I am in India, but will soon return to the U.S. My wife will not come to the U.S. for several months. When I arrive in the U.S., can I file the I-485 applications for both of us?

Answer You can file your own I-485 application, but your wife must be physically in the U.S. in order to file her I-485. (17.Mar.2024)Sheela Murthy and other senior attorneys provide guidance that clarifies the law. For information on our FREE online services, click here. Access more...

20 Mar 2024

I am in the U.S. on H1B, but my wife is remaining in India for another year while completing university. When she can, she will be visiting for relatively short visits, and then returning to India. Given that these will be short trips, should she just come on her B-2 visa?

Answer Although it is permissible to request admission on B-2 to visit one's H1B spouse, in most circumstances, it probably makes sense to obtain an H-4 dependent visa. As long as the principal H1B worker is in valid status, a dependent typically can request admission in...

13 Mar 2024

I got a green card through my employer, and I have a son who is a U.S. citizen by birth. We have decided to move back to India for a few years due to family reasons, which will mean giving up my green card. When my son turns 21, can he sponsor me for another green card?

Answer The fact that you had a green card and then abandoned it typically would not prevent you from being sponsored by your U.S. citizen child for another green card (once the child reaches the age of 21). (13.Mar.2024)Sheela Murthy and other senior attorneys provide guidance...