USCIS Statistics Demonstrate Integrity Measures Resulted in Improved H1B Lottery System

The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) recently highlighted various key statistics related to the registrations submitted in this year’s H1B lottery, arguing that the changes made to the program have succeeded in bringing greater integrity to the H1B program. As explained by the USCIS, for fiscal year 2025, there was a significant decrease in the total number of registrations submitted in the H1B lottery from the prior fiscal year, including a decrease in the number of registrations submitted on behalf of beneficiaries with multiple registrations. Despite this, the total number of unique beneficiaries and employers this year was nearly unchanged from last fiscal year’s totals.

Decrease in Total Registrations Caused Largely by Decrease in Multiple Registrations

Under the new H1B lottery system implemented this fiscal year, a foreign national was only able to receive a single entry in the lottery, even if more than one employer submitted a registration on that individual’s behalf. This resulted in submissions for 470,342 registrations – a whopping 38.6 percent decrease from last year’s total. But, as previously indicated, the total number of unique individuals who submitted registrations remained almost unchanged, with about 442,000 candidates this year, compared to 446,000 last year. The big change came in the average number of registrations per beneficiary, with the total decreasing from 1.70 for last fiscal year to 1.06 for this fiscal year.

Creating a Fair System

The USCIS notes that it will continue to review attempts to unfairly game the H1B lottery system and ensure that a level playing field is provided for all employers and foreign nationals. Moreover, if cases of fraud are uncovered, the USCIS will continue to deny or revoke those petitions, and even refer individuals to law enforcement for possible prosecution, as appropriate.


USCIS efforts to ensure the integrity of the H1B registration process are helpful if they maintain the program’s effectiveness and fairness. The H1B program plays a crucial role in addressing the skilled labor needs of the United States, benefiting both employers seeking specialized talent and foreign workers pursuing professional opportunities.


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