I-94 Numbers to Become Alphanumeric from May 2019 Onwards

Beginning in May 2019, the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) will begin issuing form I-94 arrival/departure records with alphanumeric “numbers” (i.e., composed of letters and numbers). This change will have no impact on the validity of I-94 cards and numbers issued prior to the change to the alphanumeric system.

Background on I-94s

The form I-94 is an arrival/departure record generally issued by the CBP to foreign nationals admitted temporarily to the United States. Currently, each I-94 number is 11-digits in length, and made up of only numbers. Beginning in May 2019, the format will change to have the first 9 digits and the 11th digit be composed of numbers, while the 10th digit will be a letter.


This switch to alphanumeric I-94s is being implemented in order to help remedy the depletion of numeric-only I-94 numbers. Stakeholders can continue to access I-94 information through the CBP website.


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