29 Sep 2022

My H1B is valid for a couple of more months, and I have an EAD based on my pending I-485. Do I have to maintain H1B status until the green card is issued?

Answer Ordinarily, a person may remain in the United States in a period of authorized stay based on a pending I-485 application. So, generally speaking, there is no requirement for the individual to maintain valid status while waiting for the green card to be issued.That being...

08 Sep 2022

After completing my master’s degree, I applied for OPT. After working in OPT for a few days, I decided to go back and get a second master’s degree in a different field. Now that I am graduating, can I re-apply for OPT?

Answer Unfortunately, this generally is not permissible. If a person uses any amount of OPT following completion of one level of education, that person would not qualify for OPT again unless the person changes to a higher educational level (e.g., PhD program.) (08.Sep.2022)Sheela Murthy and other...

08 Sep 2022