Trump’s Tweet to Suspend U.S. Immigration

The Murthy Law Firm has been closely tracking President Trump’s threat, sent via Twitter late Monday, April 20, 2020, to use an executive order to “temporarily suspend immigration into the United States.” At this point, no such executive order has been issued, so U.S. immigration should remain unaffected. Further, no specifics of the proposed order have been provided, so no one is sure precisely what the President intends to do.

It should be noted that U.S. immigration has already been put on hold where nearly all U.S. consulates across the globe have suspended routine visa services due to the pandemic. Therefore, most foreign nationals who are stuck abroad have few currently available options to gain entry to the United States. Until the outbreak begins to recede, that is not likely to change, regardless of what the executive order purports to accomplish.

The larger question is whether the President may try to restrict case processing by the USCIS. Given how much the United States economy benefits from foreign national workers, it seems inconceivable that President Trump would consider such a draconian move. Further, such efforts would face fierce legal challenges. In fact, the litigation team at the Murthy Law Firm is already preparing for this possibility, and will be responding in force should it prove necessary. Our hopes, however, are that the President will not engage in such an action. The New York Times had mentioned that, most likely, medical professionals, agricultural workers, and perhaps technology workers, would be exempt from the harsh effects of this potential executive order. [Please note that Coronavirus Live Updates: Trump Says He Will Halt Immigration; Oil Prices Crater, and Stocks Fall, The New York Times, 21.Apr.2020, is a live update that continues to evolve.]

Regardless of what such an executive order might say, the Murthy Law Firm will continue to work tirelessly to protect our clients’ interests and the immigrant community as a whole. And, of course, as any new information becomes available, the details will be made freely available via MurthyDotCom to educate and empower you so that we can work together to strategize our actions.


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