20 Apr 2017

NewsFlash! Only Final Action Dates Can Be Used in May 2017

The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) announced today that only the cutoff dates in the 'final action' (FA) chart of the May 2017 Visa Bulletin may be used for purposes of applying for adjustment of status. This applies to both employment-based and family-based cases....

23 Mar 2017

NewsFlash! Processing Delays for H-4/EAD Applications Filed With H1B Premium Processing Cases

The Nebraska Service Center (NSC) is taking longer than normal to adjudicate H-4 I-539 applications and I-765 applications for H-4 employment authorization documents (EADs) that are filed concurrently with H1B petitions for premium processing.While there is no premium processing available for H-4 or EAD applications,...

21 Mar 2017

NewsFlash! U.S. Imposes Electronics Ban on Passengers Taking Direct Flights From Eight Countries

The Trump Administration has imposed a temporary electronics ban for all passengers, including U.S. citizens, taking direct flights to the United States from ten airports in eight Middle Eastern and African countries. This ban applies to electronic devices that are larger than a smart phone...

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