26 Jun 2017

NewsFlash! Supreme Court Temporarily Reinstates Parts of Travel Ban, Will Hear Case Fall 2017

This morning, the U.S. Supreme Court agreed to consider an appeal by the Trump Administration regarding the decision of several lower courts to block President Trump’s March 6, 2017 executive order that was to impose a travel ban on citizens of six predominantly Muslim countries....

19 Jun 2017

I am in H1B status. Can I file two change-of-status applications at the same time – one for H-4 status, and the other for F-1?

Attorney There is nothing prohibiting multiple filings. However, the general rule is that the last approval will govern one's status. So, once the desired application is approved, it is important to withdraw the unwanted application, to avoid ending up in the "wrong" (unwanted) status. Unfortunately, even...

22 May 2017

My daughter is in H-4 status, but she turns 21 in July. So, she is applying for a change to F-1. Meanwhile, I have a pending EB3 case. Will her moving to F-1 status prevent her from getting a green card as my dependent?

Answer Moving to F-1 status does not affect one's eligibility for the GC. Turning 21 might, however, if one is not protected under the Child Status Protection Act. This is a complicated question, and one should consult a qualified attorney in this regard. (22.May.2017)In frequent sessions...

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