Overview to Create a Profile for NIV Consular Appointment in India

To apply for a U.S. visa, an applicant must first complete the nonimmigrant visa (NIV) application form DS-160. The next step in the visa application process is to schedule a U.S. visa appointment. An overview of the process of creating a profile, paying the requisite visa fee, and scheduling a NIV appointment at a U.S. consulate in India is provided here for the benefit of MurthyDotCom readers.

Steps to Create a Profile

First, the applicant must visit the CGI Federal website. If the visa applicant does not have an account, one can be created by selecting the “New User” option. If a profile has been created previously, the credentials can be used to modify an existing profile.

Once logged in, the applicant should click the “New Application” button on the home screen. The applicant will be required to answer a series of questions on the visa type and category being applied for, as well as the location of the consular post for the appointment.

After completing this section, the visa applicant must enter in the passport details, contact information, and mailing address. If the primary visa applicant’s spouse and/or child[ren] will also be applying, then each family member can be included in the application as a dependent by selecting the “Add by Name” option on the next screen.

After completing these steps, the visa applicant will be required to answer a set of questions to determine eligibility for an interview waiver appointment.

Lastly, the applicant must specify the preferred method of document delivery. A choice can be made between picking up the passport at one of the document collection centers or opting for premium delivery to an address of the applicant’s choosing.

Payment of Visa Application Fees

In the next section, the applicant must choose a payment option from the available alternatives. The visa fee payment can be made either through an electronic fund transfer or by making a cash payment at a designated local bank. One business day after the payment is made, the visa applicant should enter the receipt number on this page.

Scheduling the Appointment

The next screen will display a calendar for the Offsite Facilitation Center (OFC). The visa applicant can choose any of the Visa Application Centers (VACs) in India. For interview waiver appointments, the applicant will receive confirmation once the date is selected. Alternatively, an applicant scheduling an in-person interview appointment can select a consular post on the next screen.


Each visa applicant must ensure that all information entered in the profile is correct, as any discrepancies between the profile, passport information, and DS-160 information may require the applicant to create a new profile and repay the visa fee. This fee once paid is normally not refundable or transferable.


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