DS-160 Confirmation Number Cannot Be Updated After Scheduling Interview

The Murthy Law Firm has learned about a significant procedural change for nonimmigrant (temporary) visa applications at U.S. consulates in India. More specifically, this shift in procedure relates to the online DS-160 form, which typically must be completed prior to scheduling an appointment to apply for a visa foil (frequently referred to as a visa stamp.) It is now no longer possible to update the profile and generate a new visa appointment letter with an updated DS160 confirmation number once it has been submitted and used to schedule a visa appointment.

No longer Possible to Update DS-160 Confirmation Number after Submission

In the past, it generally was possible to update the profile and generate a new visa appointment letter using an updated DS-160 Confirmation number after scheduling a visa interview at www.ustraveldocs.com. This option was useful to correct any errors or outdated information up until the time of the biometrics appointment at the visa application center. This option, however, is no longer available. The current online system does not permit any modifications to the electronic DS-160 confirmation number on the profile once a visa appointment is scheduled.

Cancellation Option to Correct Errors on DS-160

With the elimination of the update option for U.S. consulates in India, once an appointment has been scheduled, the only definitive way to correct erroneous information on an online DS-160 is to cancel the appointment and reschedule it. It is important to note that the application is locked on the day of the biometrics appointment. At that point, it is no longer possible to cancel the appointment.

Other Options: Discussion with Consular Officer or Rescheduling Interview

If a change is needed in the DS-160 after the biometrics appointment, the best way to proceed may vary from one situation to the next. Depending upon the seriousness of the error, an applicant could appear at the interview and alert the personnel at the visa application center at the time of biometric appointment or the consular officer at the time of visa interview to the change. The officer has discretion regarding acceptance of such changes. Alternatively, one may need to skip the appointment, and then contact the visa application center to reschedule the interview, if possible. An applicant who is unsure of the best way to proceed is advised to speak with an experienced immigration attorney.


Locking the DS-160 is a significant procedural change for the consulates in India. At this time, it is not clear whether this change is being instituted in all U.S. consulates, or if it is limited to the U.S. consulates in India. MurthyDotCom will post updated information as more details emerge.


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