Murthy Success Story: NIW Approval for Innovator in Robotics

The Murthy Law Firm regularly represents foreign nationals in applying under the EB2 national interest waiver (NIW) category. The approval in this case is for an information technology researcher and industry executive in the field of Robotics. The client has granted permission for the Murthy Law Firm to share his story to help others who consider using the NIW to successfully file and obtain permanent residency or the “green card.” The Murthy Law Firm always maintains strict confidentiality on clients and their cases. When any information is shared with readers, it is with the client’s explicit written permission.

Benefit of Using the NIW Category

The NIW is one of the avenues under U.S. immigration law to attract highly accomplished individuals whose work has substantial merit and is of national importance. Unlike most employment-based categories, no petitioning employer is required to apply under the NIW category. If approved, the NIW waives the standard requirement of obtaining a labor certification. The Murthy Law Firm has more than 25 years’ experience in filing NIWs for our clients.

NIW Candidate’s Background

The client has made a name for himself in the robotics sector. As an engineer, he has been a pioneer in the field of computer “vision,” helping to advance the capabilities of unmanned vehicles. His technological achievements are allowing governments to protect sensitive areas through automation. He has even developed algorithms for NASA and the U.S. Department of Defense.

The client’s research and work have been published in various professional publications. He has presented his work at conferences, and a number of media outlets have reported on his technologies. The practical applications of his research are extensive. He has a number of patents for his inventions, and several companies have implemented his technology in their commercial products.


The EB2 NIW category allows the United States to benefit from the creativity and innovation of highly accomplished foreign nationals. Given the opportunity, accomplished individuals help transform the nation and ensure that the U.S. remains a global leader in technology and innovation.

Anyone interested in exploring the possibility of filing an NIW case is encouraged to schedule a consultation with one of the experienced attorneys at the Murthy Law Firm.

The Murthy Law Firm never reveals details of any case handled by our firm, nor the identity of any client, without first obtaining express consent. We appreciate the generosity of our client in allowing us to use this case as an example to our readers. Please note that all cases are different. Even with cases that appear to be similar, past success does not guarantee a favorable result.


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