Murthy Success Story: EB1(a) Approval for Journalist and Documentarian

The Murthy Law Firm regularly represents foreign nationals applying under the EB1(a) category for persons of extraordinary ability. The approval of the Murthy Law Firm in this case was for a journalist and documentarian. The client granted permission for the Murthy Law Firm to share her story to help others who may consider using the EB1(a) category to file and obtain permanent residency.

Benefit of Using the EB1(a) Category

The EB1(a) category is a highly selective category intended to attract the most accomplished individuals in their respective fields. Unlike most employment-based categories, no petitioning employer is required to apply under the EB1(a) category. Similarly, no labor certification is needed.

To qualify, the foreign national must demonstrate extraordinary ability in science, art, business, or athletics. The individual must provide extensive documentation of national or international recognition. If the EB1(a) petition is approved, the beneficiary must continue to work in the field of extraordinary ability.

EB1(a) Candidate’s Background and Contributions

The Murthy Law Firm client in this case has made significant contributions to the fields of journalism and production of documentaries, through her role as a producer for a major digital media and broadcasting company. She has furthered the development of a unique style of documentary storytelling known as immersive reporting. Through immersive reporting, audiences can view documentaries firsthand using devices that enable virtual and augmented reality.

Our client routinely reports on current events, with a focus on marginalized individuals whose stories deserve to be heard. For instance, she co-authored an article about two sisters who had managed to escape Saudi Arabia. In the article, she reported on the oppression and torment the sisters had endured in their home country. Another story she worked on, which aired on HBO, focuses on a woman who cares for children whose parents are facing deportation. Our client’s accounts are credited with helping to humanize people and events that traditionally are reported on in a more sterile manner. Her work has been honored with several internationally recognized awards.


The EB1(a) category for individuals of extraordinary ability allows the United States to attract some of the world’s most talented people. from across the globe. While a person’s credentials may be impressive, the ability to showcase that talent and convince the USCIS to acknowledge and approve the EB1(a) for a person of extraordinary ability requires skill, patience, and the ability to present the case in a strong fashion. Anyone interested in exploring the possibility of filing an EB1(a) case is encouraged to schedule a consultation with one of the experienced attorneys at the Murthy Law Firm.

The Murthy Law Firm never reveals details of any case handled by our firm, nor the identity of any client, without first obtaining express consent. We appreciate the generosity of our client in allowing us to use this case as an example to our readers. Please note that all cases are different. Even with cases that appear to be similar, past success does not guarantee a favorable result.


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