Murthy Success: EB1(a) Approved for Computer Networking and Info Security Expert

The Murthy Law Firm regularly assists foreign nationals in filing self-sponsored immigrant petitions under the EB1(a) category as persons of extraordinary ability (EA). In one such case, the immigrant petition (form I-140) was filed for an expert in the field of computer networking and information security, focused in the areas of best practice implementation strategies and network security design. Our client graciously granted permission to the Murthy Law Firm to share his story to help others who may be considering to self-petition in the EB1(a) category to obtain permanent residency.

Benefit of Using the EB1(a) Category

The EB1(a) category is highly selective and intended to benefit accomplished individuals who are at the top of their respective fields. Unlike most employment-based categories, no petitioning employer is required to provide sponsorship under the EA category. Similarly, no labor certification is needed.

Qualifying for the EB1(a) Category

To qualify under EB1(a), the foreign national must be able to show sustained national or international acclaim as part of the eligibility criteria. The individual’s achievements in the field generally must be evidenced by extensive documentation. Qualification can be demonstrated by a one-time, major international achievement, such as a Nobel Prize, or, more commonly, with documentation in a minimum of three categories of evidence out of a list of ten, as explained in the MurthyDotCom NewsBrief, Self-Petitioned, Employment-Based Options (29.Sep.2022). The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) then applies a totality of the circumstances test, assessing the cumulative value of all provided evidence to determine whether the individual truly has established as being a person of “extraordinary ability.” If the EB1(a) petition is approved, the beneficiary must continue to work in the field of extraordinary ability upon becoming a lawful permanent resident (i.e., green card holder).

Murthy Team Successfully Presented the Expert’s Work and Qualifications

In this case, the Murthy Law Firm legal team helped the individual to demonstrate that he satisfied more than three of the ten potentially qualifying criteria. We presented evidence of published material in a major professional journal relating to the client’s education initiatives and contributions in the field of computer networking and information security. We also helped to evidence the client’s original scientific contributions of major significance to the field of computer networking and information security. This included highlighting the client’s specific achievements and innovations; courses, bootcamps, trainings, and webinars he developed; and numerous prestigious certifications from a leading technology company. Additionally, we were able to showcase his authorship of scholarly articles in the field of networking and information security.

The client also had a history of performing a leading role as a chief operating officer for an organization with a distinguished reputation in his field of computer networking and information security. This, in turn, helped us to establish that our client had previously commanded a high salary in relation to other individuals in his field. We topped off the client’s impressive background with multiple expert opinion letters from other internationally renowned experts in his field attesting to the client’s invaluable contributions to the field of computer networking and information security. Ultimately, we were able to persuade the USCIS that our client’s background and contributions to his field made him a person of extraordinary ability and eligible for EB1(a) classification.


The EB1(a) category for individuals of extraordinary ability allows the United States to attract some of the world’s most talented people from across the globe. While a person’s credentials may be impressive, the ability to showcase that talent and convince the USCIS to acknowledge and approve the EB1(a) for a person of extraordinary ability requires skill, patience, and the ability to present the case in a strong fashion. Anyone interested in exploring the possibility of filing an EB1(a) case is encouraged to schedule a consultation with an experienced attorney at the Murthy Law Firm.

The Murthy Law Firm never reveals details of any case handled by our firm, nor the identity of any client, without first obtaining express consent. We appreciate the generosity of our client in allowing us to use this case as an example to our readers. Please note that all cases are different. Even with cases that appear to be similar, past success does not guarantee a favorable result.


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