I received the following text message today, claiming to be from the USCIS: ” Green Card applicants who receive a request for Form I-693 should return it as soon as possible by overnight, priority, or courier delivery.” Is this a legit message? 


We have a number of clients who have received such messages. We can’t 100 percent confirm that these messages came from the USCIS, but we strongly suspect that they are legitimate. Regardless, it does not change our advice. If a person has a pending I-485 and receives a request for evidence asking for a report of immigration medical examination and vaccination record (form I-693), it generally is a good idea to send it to the USCIS as quickly as possible.

As we approach the end of the fiscal year, which runs through September 30th, the USCIS is working to adjudicate as many I-485 applications as possible. This is because certain visa numbers that are allocated for the fiscal year will be lost if they are not used before the fiscal year ends.

In the past, we have encountered situations toward the end of the fiscal year in which the USCIS would request an I-693 via a phone call or by leaving a voicemail message. This is not standard practice, but it is something to which the USCIS sometimes resorts to get as many cases as possible completed before the September 30th deadline.

Note that in the messages we have seen, and the phone calls and voicemail messages we are aware of from past years, the USCIS has not asked for any information, and they certainly have not requested any form of payment.  (26.Jun.2024)

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