Clients Are Saying…

“Murthy Law Firm helped us move our adjustment of status case that had been dormant with USCIS for over two years. They introduced us to the often dreaded or ignored Writ of Mandamus lawsuit, clearly explained the process and built our confidence in leveraging this option. Our attorney was extremely knowledgeable and experienced with the complexities of WOM procedures. He guided us through each step and followed up at crucial points with USCIS / US attorney to expedite the case. For all folks who have their AOS cases languishing with USCIS for long periods of time, we strongly recommend consulting MLF to explore and leverage the WOM option!”

Anoop Rathod
Katy, TX

“I have been a client of the Murthy Law Firm from 2009. Their attention to detail and quality of service is impeccable. Never was there any confusion at any stage of the entire process over the last 10 years. Their Online Case Management system is a huge plus. I can’t even imagine effective communication without the OCM. The staff I have worked with know clearly how to handle different situations and they are very knowledgeable. It is always a big plus to have Murthy Law Firm on your side – especially during the current turmoil times.”

Madan Narla
Chandler, AZ

“Murthy Law Firm, led by Ms. Sheela Murthy, is one of the leading immigration law firms, which is known not only for excellent representation in immigration matters, but also to find unique, innovative solutions to one’s immigration challenges.”

Santosh Shanbhag
Providence, RI

“I was very happy with the services provided. They did a great job on documentation. They are quick to response to any questions or concerns. The attorney was helpful and gave guidance on my education qualification and how it would benefit my green card application.

“Overall, they are very professional, detailed in their work, and easy to work with, which resulted in success for my case. I strongly recommend their service for any kind of situation.”

Rajiv Ravola
Bourbonnais, IL

“Everyone has to research their case. But if you want the best legal advice, and best course of action, Murthy is the one. I have [been a client of] Murthy since 2013, to file my EAD/AP, take over my complete GC case, successfully file a lawsuit against USCIS, and file FOIA to retrieve information from USCIS. Although some problems are outside any lawyer’s control, if you have even a little chance in your case, Murthy will find out the angles that give you the maximum chance of success.”

Vivek Jaiswal
Los, CA

“Murthy did a good job in handling the RFE for my I-140 case. We were able to proceed to the I-485 stage.”

Paulo Medrano
Houston, TX

“I am glad that after 26 years (I came to the U.S. on a student visa in January 1992.), I now have permanent status! … Not only was your firm very professional, but they also showed personal empathy, which I believe puts your firm above others.

“I will surely contact you should I need assistance or have questions that may arise – and definitely for my citizenship process!”

Samuel Rajasekhar
Hamden, CT

“My experience with the Murthy Law Firm is amazing, making me feel the process is simple and at the same time very thorough. I am very grateful to the firm for taking every step needed proactively, without having to fix after the fact.

“I highly recommend Murthy Law firm to anyone with immigration issues.”

Sunith Veluri
Dallas, TX

“Murthy Law Firm is the best!”

Swarupa Kolla
Houston, TX

“The Murthy Law Firm has provided exceptional quality of service. They were very prompt in returning phone calls / questionnaire. The lawyer was very courteous in answering all my questionnaire. The paralegal arranged all the required documentation in a orderly format.

“Murthy Law Firm is the best in what they do. I highly recommend their service.”

Rakesh Gundala
Houston, TX

“I’m so happy with the service the Murthy Law Firm has offered me. The attorney and paralegal are extremely knowledgeable and very easily accessible. My paralegal is totally a miracle woman who was always kind and helpful. My attorney was easy to access and totally a wonderful person who always gave the right advice and handled my case confidently. All my doubts and queries at any point were promptly answered and attended to. They know exactly what they are doing and I’m so happy I came to Murthy with my case.”

Najeeba Fathima
Wilmette, IL

“Online Case Management is keeping me informed and the team is proactive, which is very rare to see in this industry. I am very happy with the service.”

Thiyagachudar Perumal
Dayton, OH