Clients Are Saying…

“Ms. Murthy is awesome. She has provided excellent guidance, and when you know you are on the right, lost confused and betrayed, she provided me the confidence and the right advise to give a right direction to start living again.”

Englewood, CO

“I believe this is greatest law firm for H-1 and green card processing. When I go with Murthy I feel it is like brand names stamped before USCIS.”

Nagaraju Valusa
Bentonville, AR

“On behalf of my family, I want to thank you for your help and understanding. The quality of legal advice was only comparable to the professionalism of your staff. But most importantly, I want to thank YOU[, Ms. Murthy,] for your kind words to my wife and my daughter in a moment when we needed a true partner to finalize our long immigration journey. Thanks to you, we can call this country HOME.”

Cesar Mendoza
Montclair, VA

“Best decision I ever made, in my long and painful immigration journey, is requesting the assistance of the Murthy Law Firm for my Green Card and Citizenship process. Highly knowledgeable in immigration matters, very thorough in paperwork and quite responsive. Overall a very PLEASANT EXPERIENCE!!!”

Rajesh Potluri
Herndon, VA

“Murthy Law Firm very elegantly and meticulously drafted the RFE response and cited several references to strengthen my case. In a very short time the attorney drafted a very good response to the RFE. I would highly recommend Murthy Law Firm for immigration matters that need serious thinking.”

Columbia, SC

“The Murthy Law Firm is a very well known website for accurate, timely and reliable news source for all immigrants. Recently, I had to engage services of immigration lawyers personally, and it was pleasure to use services from this great team. I am overwhelmed by the professional services provided with clarity and prudence.

“As we all have experienced as immigrants in the USA, there is a worry and confusion with the elaborate labyrinth placed before us. It is a sigh of relief to have such a reliable and trustworthy guide to tread though this.”

Sandesh D.
Seattle, WA

“I went to even for things that my friends said I can do on my own (EAD, AP renewal), since I do not want to take any chances. I lucked out for my GC process. Initially, it seemed like a simple case, after mandamus, however, it became a difficult case. Thanks to [the attorneys here], I finally got my green card.”

Vivek Jaiswal
Winnetka, CA

“… I felt tension free and confident when attorneys at Murthy [Law Firm] started working on my case.”

Badri Challa
Clarksburg, MD

“Engaging the services of Murthy Law Firm online was very easy. The [online case management (OCM) system] was very self-explanatory, easy to navigate and manage. The queries / questions posted by me on OCM received prompt response.”

Akshay Deshpande
Katy, TX

“Thank you to the Murthy Law Firm for being the strength throughout my legal process. I am not only an old client of Ms. Murthy’s, but also a great admirer of hers. I have taken her direction, and every step of my life turned out well by following her advice, which was given during a difficult time for me. After 10 years, I came back again searching for legal advice. There is [Ms. Murthy], with same enthusiasm to help her client. Every question and concern I had was always answered in a legally correct way, whether positive for me or not. I had great confidence in my immigration process. Wonderful work also was done by the attorney handling my case.” Thank you, Ms. Murthy!”

Chaitanya Deshgani
Bakersfield, CA