Clients Are Saying…

“[The] Murthy Law Firm maintains really qualified and experienced talent in immigration. They are extremely meticulous and thorough in their approach to cases. Murthy has given us extreme stability in employee retention. They REALLY know immigration matters!”

Mano Mohanram
Madison, WI

“It has been a pleasurable experience as an client of Murthy Law Firm (MLF). The attorneys and paralegal are highly committed to work and professional. Overall, you can certainly have peace of mind when your case in the hands of MLF.”

Aditya Mittal
Alexandria, VA

“I was completely satisfied by prompt and quality legal service provided by Murthy Law Firm attorneys.”

Raj Kahlon
Upton, MA

“My experiences have been positive. In particular, I would like to thank the paralegal of EB1/NIW applications. Her support was complete and fantastic, especially during my letter-collection process. My special thanks to the attorney and paralegal for their commendable work!”

Abirami Radhakrishnan
Baltimore, MD

“I think the Murthy attorneys are VERY knowledgeable – they do discuss things among themselves and don’t rush to make single-person judgments. They handled my difficult case [from every] perspective. A special thanks goes out to … the paralegal in my case, who is extremely responsive, professional and by far one of the best proactive paralegals I’ve worked with in the 8 years that I’ve submitted various USCIS petitions through various law firms.”

Arvind Raghavan
Saint Paul, MN

“I’ve done my H1B transfer, H1B extension, and green card cases with Murthy. I feel they are all very professional and knowledgeable. And most importantly, they respond to my enquiries in very timely manner. I’m very happy with their services.”

Yahong Gu
Reston, VA

“One of the most professional experiences I have had with an immigration lawyer in my 11 years trying to get a GC.”

Manish Garg
Union City, CA

“Murthy’s service is worth every penny. I’m very happy that my cases are handled by them.”

Oleksiy Kolisnychenko
Springfield, New Jersey

“After having a bad experience with another firm, I am extremely pleased with the Murthy Law Firm. All the attorneys I have talked to and consulted with, as well as the paralegals, have been very professional, knowledgeable, courteous, and helpful. I recommend the Murthy Law Firm to everyone who has an immigration-related matter – small or large.”

Selen Ustun
College Station, TX

“I highly recommend Murthy Law firm. The staff and the attorney assigned to my case were very helpful, responded timely and addressed my concerns in a very efficient way. I am glad I chose Murthy Law Firm for my Immigration Matters!”

Aparna Cavaturuvenkata
Irving, TX