Clients Are Saying…

“I came to the USA on an H1B. Murthy is a very big name for H1Bs on through the GC case. I heard and read a lot about Murthy, but never had a chance to use the Murthy Law Firm. I was under the impression that Murthy must be very expensive, but after I used Murthy for my EB3 to EB2 case transfer, I realized that Murthy is not so expensive. Their charges are reasonable and the quality of work for the money is unbelievable. They must have many clients, but they provide enough attention to you and your case. I’m very impressed with the communication they provide. I always get my answer within couple of hours from the paralegal team.”

Nilesh Patel
Chalfont, PA

“I am very thankful to everyone at the Murthy Law Firm for their valuable, dedicated and timely guidance and service without which it would have been difficult to get my ‘green card.’ … I would confidently recommend the Murthy Law Firm to my colleagues and friends for all immigration matters.”

Sathya Sankarasubbu
Gaithersburg, MD

“I transferred my case to Murthy from another law firm, since my case was a little bit complicated. I must say that the attorneys handling my case were on top of their game and ensured my process went through. Overall, I am very satisfied with the service.”

Ahmad Lutfeali
Atlanta, GA

“It’s an absolute delight to work with Attorney Sheela Murthy and the team on all our immigration matters, right from H-1’s through the GC process. Every member of the MLF team is highly talented, energetic, and courteous in addressing our immigration needs. The service received from MLF was very professional and prompt. I highly recommend Murthy Law Firm and proudly say that they are ‘Second to None’ in immigration matters.”

Hari Maddali
Parsippany, NJ

“My experience was unique in that it always seemed a very personal relationship, rather than the mundane client / attorney one, and yet it delivered. Hats off to the Murthy Law Firm!”

Sheela Pant
Jersey City, NJ

“It was a commendable professional performance and was one of a kind. In short, it was precise, competent, and most highly result oriented.”

Muktesh Pant
Jersey City, NJ

“I am highly satisfied with the services provided by Murthy Law Firm. They know immigration very well and had the right approach from the start. I am happy I hired them and now have a positive outcome in my case.”

Bala Swami
Schaumburg, IL

“Murthy Law Firm has been extremely professional in the handling of my case and the staff there are some of the most competent in any firm that I have had the pleasure of interacting with.”

Nithya Gnanapandithan
Lawrence, KS

“I was impressed with the true professional behavior from your law firm (which is hard to get nowadays with so many law firms). Keep up the good work and I will never hesitate to recommend anyone to your law firm for immigration matters.”

Nikhil Dubey
Bolingbrook, IL

“I totally trusted Murthy Law Firm in everything. They made the H1B Visa and the Green Card process very smooth. They are very professional, efficient and productive, which gave us peace of mind in these legal matters!!!”

Alejandro Canadas
Emmitsburg, MD