Clients Are Saying…

“We strongly advise anyone to use Murthy Law Firm due to their expertise. Our priority date ported and we got confirmation from USCIS because [of Ms. Murthy’s suggestion.] … Thank You very much Ms. Murthy, as due to our earlier priority date, we got GC in time. We love you and will always seek your [firm’s] help for any future immigration matters.”

Bakul Vakil
Hummelstown, PA

“… Thank you all for all your help, guidance and support throughout the process of explaining every little thing in detail, alleviating a lot of our doubts, collecting documents, applying for the extensions until dispatching the Approval documents. It has been our genuine pleasure to have worked with you all throughout the entire process.”

Kumar & Gayathri Ramamoorthy
Bothell, WV

“Today I received my permanent resident card from USCIS. Thank you … for all your efforts in getting my green card application approved. You guys have done tremendous job in handling my case. I must say that you have thorough knowledge in immigration matters and client service is excellent.”

Aashish Chopra
Doral, FL

“The Murthy Law Firm filed my I-140 petition under the EB-1A category. It was so professionally done that I got an almost “immediate” approval within 24-48 HOURS of filing. The paralegal and attorney assigned to my case were extremely helpful, accessible, and knowledgeable. I could not have asked for better law firm to prepare my legal permanent residency petition!”

Anindo Roy
Baltimore, MD

“Due to Sheela Murthy’s law firm and their wonderful services, our family [has been] reunited after 10 years. We were away from our 3 boys in India, … unbelievable mental torture… [W]e tried with different lawyers … lost hope[, but] thank god we met Sheela Murthy and she helped … our family reunite after 10 years, (it is like Aranyavas). God bless Sheela Murthy, with prosperity, health, wealth, happiness. How many families she is helping like us, she is truly blessed person and soul.”

Surya Vidiyala
Fairfax, VA

“I could have simply summed up [by] saying that MLF (Murthy Law Firm) is a fantastic law firm. They are indeed very professional and human in their approach (customer friendly). It was a pleasant experience all along. I give 10/10. …[T]he petition on my behalf for EB1 … was approved by USCIS. [The attorneys] explained my doubts / questions in [a] very simple manner and gave the best advice after weighing all the pros and cons”.

Dr. Nirmal Koshti
Camden, NJ

“My past three years working with Murthy Law Firm has been nothing but GREAT! Everything is done in a timely, professional, and personable manner. I would be lost without the great help of everyone at MLF that touches our cases! Bravo to a fabulous group of professionals that I have developed a great working relationship with…and friendship too. You’re the best at what you do!”

Lisa Leeman
Sidney, NE

“I don’t forget the day I arrived at Murthy Law Firm along with my wife with tears of sorrow. Hurt by unethical practices of previous attorney, unclear recommendation by another attorney, I came to the Murthy Law Firm with the last sign of hope. If this case is not approved, I should pack up my bags and go back to India.

“…We felt as if we met a psychologist. There was so much love and care. […The Murthy Law Firm attorney] took more than hour hearing our problems, organized them and gave us a clear vision. … Today, I have tears of gratitude for your phenomenal help. I don’t have any words to praise the brilliance and the way you solved the case. …I thank everyone in Murthy Law Firm. You guys are not only helping people to get visa. You are helping them to get a better and prosperous life.”

Venkat Ramachandran
Gaithersburg, MD

“I have had the privilege to be a client of this prestigious firm, my experience has been the greatest. My H1B was approved easily and quickly. [The attorney on my case] has been great and [the] paralegal has demonstrated exceptional professionalism. I thank [this] wonderful team of people … . I am still a client processing my PERM case now. … Joining this firm has been the best decision for my future in this country. I am very happy as a client.”

Diyee Boulangger
Evansville, IN

“I have come across various attorneys and paralegals of the firm, and ALL of them are equally competent and sharp in legal matters of immigration. Murthy Law firm attorneys are proactive and always current with matters of visa and green-card processes.”

Nilesh Bhattacharya
Silver Spring, MD