Clients Are Saying…

“I am glad I approached the Murthy Law Firm and am happy to say that the law firm does its best in understanding its clients’ unique problems and comes up with approaches to resolve the issues after looking at all other options. The attorney-and-paralegal team do a very good job of explaining the approach to clients. Simply put – No shortcuts! The website portal is also a very effective way of communicating and sharing documents. The team responds quickly to queries posted on the portal. Thanks for everything!”

Anshu Goyal
Overland Park, KS

“… I cannot forget the consistent and regular communication, untiring support and the comfort that you have given throughout the process. There are several times you have gone out of the way to reassure me. I [knew] all the time that my case was being handled by an honest and sincere attorney. …”

Udaya Kumar
Cordova, TX

“I would like to thank you for your work on my case. I especially appreciated your attention to detail and prompt responses from [the attorney and paralegal working on my case]. It was also very refreshing to be treated like an intelligent person, with all communications being clear, to the point and without a condescending attitude. That was a wonderful difference from what I have encountered at some other immigration law firms. I would not hesitate to recommend your services to any of my friends.”

Vladimir Shapovalov
San Francisco, CA


“I was referred to Murthy Law Firm by a friend who had high regards for Attorney Murthy for solving his complicated case. Having not-so-great an experience with other law firms, I can definitely say my experience with Murthy Law Firm was highly satisfactory. I will recommend their services to whoever is in need. Thanks again!”

Jayesh Shah
Irving, TX

“Murthy Law Firm has been very helpful and played a proactive role in ensuring that my GC application was processed promptly. The whole process was handled in an extremely professional manner from prompt communication with clients regarding change in processing rules, change in application status, and sending USCIS communication specific to my case, etc. They also worked hard for fairness and justice during the July 2007 fiasco, making sure our voices reached USCIS authorities… . I highly recommend using the Murthy Law Firm for all immigration matters.”

Aravind Murarishetty
Bellevue, WA


“I have always praised the Murthy Law Firm. I would again say that Sheela Murthy’s team is the best. The firm has been extremely kind and generous to me and Ms. Sheela Murthy has proven that great people can be most humane and humble. The firm has treated me very compassionately always, and I credit my stay in the U.S. to them. Had it not been for them, I certainly would have been lost. I never had any complaint about anything with them. Everyone was professional and efficient. You need not worry if the Murthy Law Firm has taken your case!”

Vandana Nayyar Sethi
Jersey City, NJ

“The process of selecting an attorney for a green card is very challenging and can be frustrating. My experience with [the] Murthy [Law Firm] was excellent and very professional. I will recommend Murthy to anyone who may be considering filing for an EB1 category.”

Vikrant Vats
Chicago, IL

“I was disappointed when my case went for administrative processing, as it already had been over a year without not much progress. I consulted a number of different attorneys and was frustrated by the opinions of them all. A friend told me to contact the Murthy Law Firm. Although my case was very complicated, the lawyers at the Murthy Law Firm did an outstanding job in getting my immigrant visa. Their strategy to solve the case seemed a bit different, but it definitely worked out for me. They are very organized, work as a team, and handle every case with ease and very professionally. I would definitely recommend the Murthy Law Firm for any immigration needs.”

Salah Uddin
Silver Spring, MD

“I scheduled my consultation with the Murthy Law Firm during the worst days of life. I was in middle of an immigration crisis, frustrated by misguidance from other attorneys and on the edge of giving it up. During my initial consult with the Murthy attorney, I was made aware of the harsh reality of my situation, was given a realistic expectation and, above everything else, was given compassionate support. I had guidance without unwanted extra expenditures, helping me to acquire my green card. I will always be grateful to the Murthy Law Firm.”

Munish Sharma, MD
Baltimore, MD

“To work with the Murthy Law Firm was like a dream come true. They have the expert touch, timely and correct advice, appropriate guidance, an objective approach to the case, care and reassurance, and solutions to every conceivable problem, and overall exhibit class like true royalty. They offer the best professional legal services of any company I have come across. They ensure client satisfaction from the introductory meeting until you get your immigration papers in hand. Customer satisfaction seems to be their key corporate philosophy.”

Dr. Rajender Thusu
San Antonio, TX