Clients Are Saying…

“Murthy Law firm has been very helpful in resolving all of my cases. I would certainly refer them to my friends. The attorney and paralegals are always prompt dealing the cases.”

Gangadhar Kandru
Den, NE

“The Murthy Law Firm was very thorough and professional with their legal work. I felt completely confident that they [would] be able to win approvals for my cases. In fact, I was so happy with their work that I decided to retain them for the further steps of my PERM process after my first case with them. The best thing I liked about them was their response rate and efficiency in addressing my concerns. Not even one of my questions went unanswered over the span of several cases, kudos to them for their team work and professionalism.”

Ram Bala
Herndon, VA

“Immigration is the one [area in which] you don’t want to take any chance. You always want to have some trust in the law firm … representing you. Then Murthy Law Firm the place. I have been using the Murthy Law Firm to represent all my immigration matters and they have been exceptional in what they do. I feel confident that my case will be handled by professional people who provide individual attention to each case. I am happy I made a right choice.”

Pradeep Gurumurthy
King of Prussia, PA

“My company hired the Murthy Law Firm in 2010 to start my green card filing and in 2011 to extend my H1B visa. Both cases have gone off smoothly and I am pleased with the thoroughness of the Murthy staff in ensuring that all paperwork is squared away before any legal filing. Murthy’s bulletins are very informative and I have found Murthy’s attorneys to be very accessible for consultations in the event of questions that cannot be addressed by the paralegals. The paralegals are very prompt in their follow-ups (whether it be requesting documents or answering client questions). I have complete peace of mind knowing that the Murthy Law Firm is there to help me with [my] immigration matters.”

Tony John
Herndon, VA

“I would recommend Murthy Law Firm for all immigration matters. They were very professional in each and every step of the immigration procedure.”

Panchanathan Arthaballe Chand
Schaumburg, IL

“Going through the rigorous process of legal status in the United Stated is quite nerve wrecking, but when you have an attorney from the Murthy Law Firm assisting you in your case, it seems a lot less daunting. I had my first conversation with attorney Sheila Murthy herself and I asked her this question: “Do you think I have a 1 percent chance that my visa will come through in time?” Her answer to me was, “… I can tell you this much: I will never take a case if I don’t think there is at least a 1 percent chance of approval, because I don’t like to lose a case.” Her confidence in herself and the ability of her staff impressed me and I knew immediately that she and her staff would see me through the process. The staff and associates are learned, conscientious, professional, and compassionate. Thank you so much for your guidance, your hard work, and dedication…!”

Nameeta Sahni
Winchester, VA

“While my case was very straightforward, we found [the] Murthy Law Firm to be an excellent law service provider. The attorneys are very knowledgeable and very helpful. They would clear our doubts even though it is farthest related to our case. I would come to them again and again for their work.”

Payal Patel

“I had consulted with a few attorneys before I selected the Murthy Law Firm to represent my case. I was pleasantly surprised with the care I was provided when I needed it most. I really appreciate their professionalism, promptness and the urgency the staff displayed in handling my case. I was provided with excellent service – starting from client services (which promptly replied all my calls) to the paralegal staff (who answered all my questions to satisfaction) and the attorneys (who are very knowledgeable, professional, and helpful). I just can’t imagine going to any other immigration firm for any of my immigration needs. I will keep going back to the Murthy law Firm for all my immigration matters. You are the best!”

Manish Makhija
Nashville, TN

“This is the third time I consulted with Murthy on immigration matters. As expected, the results were the same every time. I strongly believe Murthy is the subject matter expert when it comes to immigration in the USA.”

Nitin Shelar
Minneapolis, MN

“Having dealt with immigration attorneys of all hues and colors in the past seven years, I have no doubt in concluding that’s lawyers are the best. They understand the subtle nuances of the law and ensure that you are always on the right side of the fence. Their documentation standards are the highest I have seen among immigration lawyers. While there are no guarantees in the immigration game, it always pays to have the best coach. As the saying goes, never skimp on a good lawyer or doctor.”

Sriram Ramanathan
Safety Harbor, FL