Clients Are Saying…

“When said they will take up my case, I am much relieved. With the help of service I got a second chance to be in USA.”

Devakumar Sai Chinthala
Gaithersburg, MD

“[The] Murthy Law Firm is excellent in immigration services. I received awesome service and had a wonderful experience processing my requests.”

Satish Kolkunda
Fairfax, VA

“My experience with Murthy Law Firm was wonderful. I admire the quality of service provided to me. The attorney has addressed my issues and communicated to me in an effective, timely manner. I prefer to work them.”

Suthir Kannan
Waukesha, WI

“The services were great! My case/s were handled in timely manner and received all positive outcomes. Staff were very professional and were available whenever I had a question!”

Chandra Pannuri
Atlanta, Georgia

“I am extremely happy with the overall experience of working with the Murthy Law Firm. The attorney was very prompt and professional with explaining the procedures to me and the strengths / weaknesses of my case. A lot of the time potential clients consult hoping to hear only positive stuff i.e. that petition will be successful [despite] weak credentials. I personally prefer hearing a realistic evaluation and that’s what I got and appreciate. The paralegal … was simply OUTSTANDING – super prompt, super efficient, super polite, and all other superlatives that go along with such a testimonial. Although the costs of hiring the Murthy Law Firm may seem (prima facie) to be expensive, when you see the petition put together, you realize that this firm puts a lot of thought into presenting the information in the BEST manner possible that enhances one’s chance of success. Thank You Murthy Law Firm!”

Rohan Fernandes
College Park, MD

“No words to explain. MURTHY law firm is awesome for immigration services.”

Kannababu Karri
Alpharetta, GA

“The Murthy Law Firm (MLF) did a great job of reviving my denied I-140. The attorney had a compelling, fact-based counter argument to USCIS and I received my I-140 approval in 45 days. This is a great achievement for me, as well as for MLF.”

Sunil Dorairajan
Chantilly, VA

“Any dealing with the Murthy Law Firm = Peace of Mind!!”

Waltham, MA

“I got the best service from the Murthy Law Firm – even during the huge filings in July 2007.”

Kiran Gogineni
Schaumburg, IL

“The Murthy Law Firm processes their clients’ needs in an intensive, detailed documentation process, which gave me complete satisfaction, seeing how much effort was put into my case. Moreover, I was confident, based on the evidence, that my case would be approved. How many law firms can give that kind of sanctification, even before approval?”

Aravind Arcot
Snyder, Texas