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Teleconference: H1B Trends & Practical Tips

In our October 7, 2015 teleconference, Murthy Law Firm attorneys discuss recent trends in the USCIS adjudications of H1B petitions and offer practical tips for employers of H1B workers. Our attorneys share tips for responding to tricky requests for evidence (RFEs) and how to best avoid RFEs in the first place. They offer examples of [...]

Students Should Not Travel During Cap-Gap Period

The term “cap gap” refers to the period of time between April 1st and October 1st each year when many F-1 students experience a gap from the end of their optional practical training (OPT) employment authorization to the start date of their H1B employment. This gap is created because of the annual limit, or cap, [...]

Promotion of Immigrants to Top Level Positions at Tech Companies is Long Overdue

When tech giant Google announced earlier this month that it would be creating its own parent company named Alphabet Inc., reactions around the world were instantaneous. While the surprise declaration of the corporation’s restructuring was lauded by some industry insiders as bold and innovative, others were skeptical, criticizing Google co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin [...]

Can my employer start my green card processing while I am on OPT?

Answer Yes, a company can start a GC for someone on F-1/OPT. This does not disrupt the F-1/OPT status. But, for people from India, it is normally going to be necessary to change into H1B or some other work authorized status at some point to bridge the time between OPT and the GC. (24.Aug.2015) In [...]

I am in my 7th year in H1B status and have an approved I-140, but my company is about to lay me off. Will this impact my green card process, and can I retain my H1B?

Answer The GC case is company-specific and job-specific. So, if the case is only at the I-140 stage, the case will end when the job and/or job offer ends. The H1B can be extended via a new employer based upon the I-140 / no visa number from the current company, as long as the I-140 [...]

I have been working on cap-gap OPT, after my EAD expired, based on my employer’s H1B petition that they filed for the start date of October first. …

… My H1B petition has just been approved with an I-94 for H1B status. I would like to travel back home for a short vacation in the last week of August and come back to continue working on OPT before my status changes to H1B on October 1st. Will I be able to do that? [...]

If there is a three-month gap between paystubs when one is on H1B status, will one encounter any problems?

Answer This potentially is a serious issue. H1B status is generally proven by proof of wage payments. If there is no work, there may be an employer “benching” violation. If there is work and the employer is not paying, there would be status and an employer violation. The specific reason for the lack of pay [...]

I initially came to the U.S. in H-4 status as a dependent of my husband on H1B. After I was admitted to a U.S. university, I changed my status to F-1. …

… I always maintained my nonimmigrant status in the U.S., including H-4 initially and F-1 currently, and I have another year to complete my degree. This summer, my husband and I would like to take a one week vacation and travel to Canada by car. Do I need to apply for an F-1 visa to [...]

Roy Abraham – Manteca, CA

“Really excellent service. Received H1B and H-4, I-140, H1B and H-4 renwal, and H-4 EAD. We are very satisfied with the Murthy Law Firm’s service. We would definitely recommend MLF to all who need immigration services.” Roy Abraham Manteca, CA

I was terminated from my H1B job 4 weeks ago and am still in the U.S. Is it still possible to initiate H1B transfer?

Answer Yes, the H1B can be filed by the new employer even after 4 weeks of unemployment. The issue is how to regain H1B status. This normally cannot be done from within the U.S. when there has been a status lapse. It usually is necessary to go for consular processing. A consultation with your attorney [...]

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