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Teleconference: Optional Practical Training (OPR), Travel, and Transition to H1B

The third and final teleconference in our series designed for F-1 students, on May 12, 2015, addresses common issues and questions encountered by F-1 students at the end of their program of study. Students learn the requirements for OPT and receive helpful hints and advice on how to avoid certain problems with the OPT application and [...]

Premium Teleconference: Employing F-1 Students

CPT/OPT & Transition to H1B On November 19, 2014, at 2:00pm Eastern Time (U.S.), join Sheela Murthy and a panel of senior attorneys from the Murthy Law Firm who will discuss what employers need to understand when foreign national workers transition to H1B status from curricular practical training (CPT) or optional practical training (OPT) employment [...]

USCIS Update on H1B and L-1 Site Visits

Top officials from the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) participated in an October 9, 2014 meeting with an American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA) committee on immigration benefits. One key topic discussed during that meeting was the current state of the H1B and L-1 Administrative Site Visit and Verification Program (ASVVP). FDNS Site Visit Expansion [...]

Second Wave of Immigration Ushers in Opportunity as Well as Diversity

In a promising sign that our economy is finally recovering after a prolonged recession, the number of foreign-born people in the United States grew by 523,400 last year. This is the biggest jump since 2006, and is fueled in no small part by immigrants from Asia, including a significant number of skilled tech workers from [...]

My H1B extension petition is under background check. I forgot to notify the USCIS that I moved to a new address several months ago. What should I do now?

Answer If the AR-11 was not submitted at the time of the move, just do it now. The AR-11 is submitted online on the USCIS WebSite. While it is supposed to be submitted within 10 days of the move, many people fail to do so. It is important to fix it once you realize the [...]

What are the options available if I-140 is rejected and H1B 6-year limit will be reached within the next 9 months?

Answer If the PERM was filed far enough in advance to meet the 365-day rule, there would be options. If there is a basis for challenging the I-140 rejection, an MTR or appeal will keep it “alive” and make H1B extensions possible (if the 365-day rule is met). Sometimes, it may be better to just [...]

I am an F-1 student in a school that does not offer concurrent enrollment. In other words, a student is enrolled in only one class at a time, which s/he has to complete before starting the next class. …

… My school considers full-time enrollment to be 6 credit hours per term. Therefore, I normally take two 3-credit classes one after another during each academic term. My CPT employer filed an H1B petition for me in the beginning of the current term. Therefore, my transcript only shows my current enrollment for one 3-credit class. [...]

Notifying USCIS of Change in Address

Most foreign nationals must report address changes to the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). The legal timeframe for this notification is just ten days. The process is simple and free, and helps to facilitate proper delivery of official notices and correspondence. Change of Address Requirements Immigration laws require most foreign nationals to submit notification [...]

I am out of status due to denial of my H1B extension. Can I file a new H1B through a different employer and request consular processing? If so, how much time do I have?

Answer Yes, another employer can file the H1B for CP. There is not a specific time limit, but it is important not to stay in the U.S. when out of status. In addition to the 3- or 10-year bar after 180 days of unlawful presence, in a CP case, one generally has to ask the [...]

Do you have to go to your home country for H1B stamping, or can you apply at a different consulate?

Answer It is not always necessary to go to the home country. It depends upon whether there has been a denial of the COS or EOS for being out of status (in which case, home country is required). It also may depend on factors such as whether it is a first-time application. As different consulates [...]

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