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Murthy’s 2014/15 Teleconference Series for F-1 Students

The Murthy Law Firm is offering a series of three teleconferences on F-1 student issues during the 2014-2015 academic year. This teleconference series is designed to assist international students in F-1 status develop a good understanding of F-1 rules and regulations in order to avoid common pitfalls and maintain status. It will also help HR [...]

I recently applied for adjustment of status and my H1B is going to expire at the end of this month. Do I need to apply for an extension of status?

Answer People often choose to stay in the U.S. based on the AOS only. People with properly filed AOS cases are in a period of authorized stay and are allowed to be in the U.S., unless the AOS is denied. While keeping the H1B is safer, as it provides status in case of denial, it [...]

I transitioned to GC EAD this week from H1B. Do I need to get my I-94 renewed?

Answer If working on the EAD, rather than the H1B, the I-94 would not be extended. (08.Sep.2014) In frequent sessions of our Chat, Sheela Murthy and other senior attorneys provide guidance that clarifies the law in real time. For details on chat participation, click here. Access more FAQs here. Copyright © 2014, MURTHY LAW FIRM. [...]

Is it ok to travel on an existing B-1visa when I have an approved H1B petition, but have not yet obtained an H1B stamp?

Answer The H1B approval for consular processing doesn’t void the B-1 visa. So, the B-1 could be used for valid B-1 travel even after the H1B approval. However, in the event that the CBP officer knows about the H1B, s/he may have serious concerns about whether the individual will truly comply with the B-1 status [...]

I am now H1B + EAD (I-485 pending more than 7 months). If I change my employer, can I maintain H1B status with EAD? Do I need to file a new PERM case? I don’t want to apply for AC21 with EAD.

Answer It is possible to extend H1B status with a new employer and have the EAD. They are not mutually exclusive. AC21 doesn’t mean using the EAD; a person could use AC21 for the green card, but work on H1B. The PERM refiling isn’t needed if AC21 applies. If there are concerns about AC21, a [...]

I have been attending school full-time for my second master’s program of study. Because I received a job offer based on my first master’s degree, my future employer filed an H1B petition for me to start on October 1st. …

… The petition was approved with the change of status from F-1 to H1B and USCIS issued the approval notice with an I-94 form for H1B status to start of October 1st. However, after the approval, I fell ill and stopped attending classes without informing my DSO. Therefore, my DSO terminated my SEVIS record and [...]

Teleconference: Recent Trends in RFEs for H1Bs

The September 3, 20014 teleconference in our monthly series for employers and their representatives focuses on recent trends in requests for evidence for H1B petitions. Attorneys from the Murthy Law Firm discuss maintenance of status, control, and specialty occupation issues as well as practical tips for preparing a strong response to a request for evidence. [...]

Director Rodriquez Testifies on USCIS Efforts for Improvements

On July 29, 2014, in his first appearance before Congress since becoming Director of the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), Leon Rodriguez provided testimony on broad range of issues. Having led the USCIS for less than a month, Director Rodriguez set a positive tone, pledging to ensure that his agency delivers appropriate benefits to [...]

Potential OPT Cap-Gap Problems After H1B is Denied, Withdrawn, or Revoked

Recent college graduates in F-1 status are sometimes able to bridge the time between the expiration of their optional practical training (OPT) and the October 1st start date of H1B status through a benefit known as “cap gap” OPT. This benefit extends the OPT period and allows students to continue to work in OPT in [...]

H1B Transition Issues: International Travel

It is the time of year when many former F-1 students are transitioning to H1B status. We at the Murthy Law Firm have some thoughts regarding travel considerations for F-1 students who need or want to go abroad while transitioning to H1B status. Many F-1 students wish to travel abroad to visit family and friends [...]

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