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Teleconference: Optional Practical Training (OPR), Travel, and Transition to H1B

The third and final teleconference in our series designed for F-1 students, on May 12, 2015, addresses common issues and questions encountered by F-1 students at the end of their program of study. Students learn the requirements for OPT and receive helpful hints and advice on how to avoid certain problems with the OPT application and [...]

Teleconference: H1B Cap-Subject Petitions – Practical Tips for Approvals

The topic of our March 4, 2015 teleconference in this series, designed for employers and their representatives, addresses H1B “cap” cases. We at the Murthy Law Firm are already preparing H1B petitions for new workers to be filed in April 2015. In the teleconference, Murthy Law Firm attorneys discuss the annual quota system and requirements [...]

Teleconference: Employing F-1 Students – CPT/OPT & Transition to H1B

Our February 2015 teleconference in this series provides an overview of F-1 nonimmigrant status, common scenarios frequently encountered by companies employing F-1 students pursuant to Curricular Practical Training (CPT) and Optional Practical Training (OPT), as well as sponsoring F-1 students for H1B status. The teleconference explains the importance of becoming familiar with F-1 processes and [...]

Immigration Bills Introduced: Long Road Ahead

The Murthy Law Firm has received many inquiries regarding the impact of recently proposed immigration bills that would eliminate the per-country limit for employment-based immigrant visa categories. This per-country limit is one of the primary reasons most beneficiaries born in China and India must endure long wait times when applying to become lawful permanent residents [...]

I have been working in valid H1B status. I have now decided to go back to school and change my status to F-1. …

… I have been admitted to my new program of study and the school issued me an I-20 form to apply for change of status. My program starts next week. Can I attend school while my application for change of status is still pending? Would I have any issues with it? Answer You may start [...]

New Year’s Reminders for Individuals – EAD and AP Dates

As explained in New Year’s Reminders for Individuals – Check I-94 Expiration Dates (31.Dec.2014), foreign nationals can avoid a number of serious immigration problems by being mindful of certain key dates related to their stay in the United States, such as the I-94 expiration date. Depending upon a person’s situation and status in the United [...]

New Year Reminders for Employers (Part 2 of 2)

Part 1 (31.Dec.2014) of this MurthyDotCom NewsBrief provided a number of tips and reminders for companies to verify that they have remained in compliance with certain key employment and immigration regulations. This second and final part continues the discussion, focusing on wage issues related to H1B workers. Salary Changes May Require H1B Amendment Many employers [...]

While on H1B, can I work on one project from home and another onsite, both for the same employer? If so, do we need to file anything with the USCIS?

Answer It would be possible to have multiple locations of employment and various tasks within the same job specified on the H1B. Whether it is necessary to amend the particular H1B petition depends upon how it was prepared. If there are multiple worksites, this needs to be covered by LCAs and an itinerary. (05.Jan.2015) In [...]

I am working in H1B. Can I sell arts and craft that I create on online forums such as Etsy or offline at flea markets?

Answer The H1B allows employment in the position listed on the petition for the H1B employer, only. H1B workers cannot engage in independent, self-employment – which is what it seems would be involved in creating arts or crafts for the purpose of selling those items. (05.Jan.2015) In frequent sessions of our Chat, Sheela Murthy and [...]

If I change job locations after H1B extension, will this affect my spouse’s first time H-4 stamping in India?

Answer Everything should be in order with the H1B before the potential H-4 applies for a visa. If there is a change in location, this must be reflected in the LCA. If there is a change in the end client in consulting, the employer needs to amend the H1B petition to show this change. (05.Jan.2015) [...]

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