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Teleconference: Optional Practical Training (OPR), Travel, and Transition to H1B

The third and final teleconference in our series designed for F-1 students, on May 12, 2015, addresses common issues and questions encountered by F-1 students at the end of their program of study. Students learn the requirements for OPT and receive helpful hints and advice on how to avoid certain problems with the OPT application and [...]

Premium Teleconference: Employing F-1 Students

CPT/OPT & Transition to H1B On November 19, 2014, at 2:00pm Eastern Time (U.S.), join Sheela Murthy and a panel of senior attorneys from the Murthy Law Firm who will discuss what employers need to understand when foreign national workers transition to H1B status from curricular practical training (CPT) or optional practical training (OPT) employment [...]

Notifying USCIS of Change in Address

Most foreign nationals must report address changes to the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). The legal timeframe for this notification is just ten days. The process is simple and free, and helps to facilitate proper delivery of official notices and correspondence. Change of Address Requirements Immigration laws require most foreign nationals to submit notification [...]

I am out of status due to denial of my H1B extension. Can I file a new H1B through a different employer and request consular processing? If so, how much time do I have?

Answer Yes, another employer can file the H1B for CP. There is not a specific time limit, but it is important not to stay in the U.S. when out of status. In addition to the 3- or 10-year bar after 180 days of unlawful presence, in a CP case, one generally has to ask the [...]

Do you have to go to your home country for H1B stamping, or can you apply at a different consulate?

Answer It is not always necessary to go to the home country. It depends upon whether there has been a denial of the COS or EOS for being out of status (in which case, home country is required). It also may depend on factors such as whether it is a first-time application. As different consulates [...]

I was working pursuant to H1B status that was valid until mid-December this year. I decided to go back to school and get another master’s degree starting in January. So, I obtained a new I-20 from my school …

… this past August, which was about five months before the start of my program, and applied for change of status to F-1. The USCIS approved my application in only one month, with the immediate start date, which was before the start of my program and while I was working in H1B status. I understand [...]

Newly Elected Indian Prime Minister Makes Promising First Visit to U.S.

For the United States to continue as a leader of technological innovations, the importance of being able to draw from India’s huge pool of talented software engineers eligible for H1B visas cannot be overstated. And, with a projected shortage of 1.5 million software engineers in the United States over the next ten years, our reliance [...]

My husband and I are both in H1B status. I have an approved I-140 and am waiting for my priority date to become current. Can my husband extend his H1B status beyond 6 years based on my approved I-140?

Answer The laws allowing for H1B extensions beyond the six-year limit are interpreted as requiring that the GC case be filed for the particular H1B worker (not their spouse). So, only the primary gets the benefit of the H1B extensions based upon the I-140 approval. (13.Oct.2014) In frequent sessions of our Chat, Sheela Murthy and [...]

I am on H1B, and I am currently being paid twice as much as the salary listed on the LCA. Does the employer need to get the LCA amended?

Answer The LCA wage is a minimum; the employer could pay more. However, the employer should look to see if the LCA is really correct as to the wage level, and possibly even the job category. If it was set at a level that was not correct (maybe 1 or 2 for a job that [...]

I applied for an H1B visa and was issued a 221(g). It has been almost 2 months and I have not received any update on my case. Can I reapply for a visa at a different consulate using the same H1B petition?

Answer The problem will not go away by applying elsewhere. The 221(g) refusal will show in the system, and has to be mentioned on the visa application anyway. I would suggest getting some input and assistance from Murthy Immigration Services, Pvt. Ltd., our affiliate in Chennai, Hyderabad, and Mumbai, to see if there is anything [...]

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