02 Apr 2018

My employer is currently sponsoring me for a green card. I now have a U.S. citizen family member who wishes to sponsor me for a family-based case. Can both cases be pending at the same time?

Answer Yes, you can have multiple immigrant petitions (employment-based and family-based) happening in parallel. The petitions do not interfere with each other and you ultimately should be able to file for adjustment of status, based on whichever case becomes current first. (02.Apr.2018)In frequent sessions of our...

14 Feb 2018

USCIS Now Accepting Payments Via Credit Card for Most Fee-Based Forms

The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) announced today that, effective immediately, the agency now accepts credit card payments for 41 fee-based forms. Some of the more prominent forms include immigrant petition for alien worker (form I-140), application to register permanent residence or adjust status...

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