Is it true that it will soon be possible to get a green card based on obtaining a PhD? I have also heard that I may be able to get a new type of visa if I start a business in the U.S. Is that going to soon be an option?


Last summer, the U.S. Senate passed the United States Innovation and Competition Act. Earlier this month, the U.S. House passed its own version of the bill, called the America COMPETES Act. In order for the bill to be sent to the President to sign into law, the House and Senate will need to negotiate a final version that can be passed by both chambers.

The COMPETES Act passed by the House includes a couple of intriguing proposals. First, it would create a nonimmigrant visa category specifically for entrepreneurs. Second, foreign nationals with PhDs in STEM fields would be made exempt from the annual green card limits.

As exciting as these prospective immigration changes are, this is still a long way from becoming law. There are significant differences between the House and Senate bills. And, due to a variety of political reasons, it is hard to be optimistic that the Republicans and Democrats will be able to compromise to get the billed passed. Nevertheless, if any significant progress on the bill is made, we will post the details on MurthyDotCom.  (24.Feb.2022)

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