Introduction of Immigration Reform Bill Anticipated

Numerous reliable news sources have issued reports predicting that the much-anticipated Senate comprehensive immigration reform bill will be introduced on April 16, 2013. A Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on the bill is scheduled for Friday, April 19, 2013, after being postponed to allow the committee more time to review the bill prior to the hearing.

Speculation Rampant

There have been many reports and much speculation regarding the provisions of the yet-to-be released bill. Clearly, the proposal will contain a mix of enforcement and border security measures, as well as benefits provisions. The benefits provisions have been described generally as providing avenues for relief for undocumented foreign nationals, while seeking to clear out the current backlogs in the employment- and family-based immigrant categories.

Stay Tuned

We at MurthyDotCom have kept our readers up-to-date with the efforts to negotiate and draft the provisions of this comprehensive immigration reform bill including, most recently, through MurthyBlog entries, Immigration Reform: All Eyes on the House (15.Mar.2013) and Senate Negotiators Working to Determine Future H1B Visa Allotments (10.Apr.2013). We will provide regular updates and analyses of this historic effort to address some of the problems with our current U.S. immigration system. We remind our readers that they should be aware of the potential for changes in the immigration laws, but should not presume that any specific changes will be enacted. It is best to continue pursuing the immigration options available to them under the current laws, until further notice.

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