USCIS Seeks Public Opinion

The USCIS Idea Community is an online tool created by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) to solicit public feedback and ideas on its services and initiatives. The “idea campaign” pertains to welcoming immigrants and citizenship preparation. The public is free to submit comments through April 14, 2014. The USCIS Idea Community is part of a larger USCIS outreach effort discussed in the MurthyDotCom NewsBrief, Evaluating Stakeholder Satisfaction with USCIS (19.Feb.2014).

Initial Topic on Welcoming Immigrants and Citizenship

The USCIS Idea Community allows those interested to share their thoughts on essentially any relevant subject. However, the idea campaign initiated by the USCIS is an effort to identify needed improvements in specific areas through online crowdsourcing. The current topic is exploring thoughts related to citizenship and naturalization. In particular, the USCIS is asking for people to respond to the following questions:

“USCIS has many offices and resources throughout the country. What are things that we can do to welcome immigrants in their communities?

“How can we help eligible permanent residents understand the benefits of U.S. citizenship?

“What resources can we develop to help naturalization applicants better prepare for the naturalization interview and test?”

The deadline for responding to these questions is April 14th. Responses can be submitted online by registering for a free account on the USCIS Idea Community WebSite.

Murthy Will Contribute as Appropriate

Serious efforts are underway to gauge USCIS programs and to understand how the public feels. The Service is utilizing methods available through technology to disseminate and gather valuable information to identify ways in which services might be improved. The Murthy Law Firm appreciates these efforts and, as appropriate, will also provide the USCIS with suggestions and feedback.

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