22 Nov 2023

My father is a naturalized citizen, and he sponsored me for a green card many years ago. The priority date is finally current, and I received a notice from the National Visa Center saying that they have all the documents and fees needed, and that they are working with my local embassy in Mumbai to schedule my interview. Any idea how long it will take to get the appointment?

Answer The processing time can vary, but assuming the priority date remains current, it typically takes about 6-to-8 months to get an appointment. (22.Nov.2023)Sheela Murthy and other senior attorneys provide guidance that clarifies the law. For information on our FREE online services, click here. Access more...

06 Nov 2023

Immigration Tips Before Taking a Cruise

While foreign nationals are typically mindful about confirming the permissibility of international travel prior to boarding a plane, an individual may be less mindful about another, less common form of travel – international cruises. However, like air travel, a foreign national should understand the nature...

21 Sep 2023