DOS and DHS Request Input on Improvements to U.S. Immigration System

The U.S. Department of State (DOS) and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) issued a notice of request for information (RFI), on December 30, 2014, asking for input from the general public on streamlining and improving the nation’s immigration system. This RFI is a result of the President’s November 21, 2014 memorandum directing the modernization of U.S. immigration processes and policies, and the gathering of public input as part of that process. The Murthy Law Firm is in the process of drafting a response to this RFI, to help shape U.S. immigration policies in a beneficial manner.

January 29th: Deadline for Input on Modernization and Improvements

The RFI makes it clear that the purpose of this request is not to gather input on the various government programs and changes that are already being implemented through the President’s executive actions. This is because there are already processes for public engagement on these programs. Rather, the RFI is asking for input on other ways to improve and modernize the immigration system. The RFI seeks general input, as well as answers to specific questions listed in the document. The primary goal is to reduce government costs, while simultaneously improving services to the public. Other goals include reducing the burden on employers and combating waste, fraud, and abuse within the system. All of these efforts must be balanced with protecting the U.S. workforce. The deadline for responding to the RFI is January 29, 2015.

Specific Questions to Provide Input to DOS and DHS

Those interested in submitting suggestions should carefully read the RFI’s directions regarding the most helpful manner in which to provide input. The RFI specifies that concrete recommendations are more useful than general observations. If answering one or more of the listed questions, the RFI suggests identifying the question by its number. The eighteen questions ask for identification of the most important policy and operational changes that would streamline and improve specified aspects of the immigration process. The possibility that one will be heard is increased when focus is clearly on answering the questions that the government wishes to address, in order to help shape U.S. immigration policies in a beneficial manner.


The RFI provides an excellent opportunity for the general public to provide the government with practical insights for streamlining the immigration processes. As a stakeholder in the immigration system, the Murthy Law Firm has created a committee within our firm that is currently drafting a detailed response to the RFI. It is our hope that this input will help shape U.S. immigration law and policies in a manner that will improve the existing system and strengthen the United States, as a whole.


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